reserve price

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Reserve Price

At an auction, the price below which the owner of the item may refuse to sell. For example, if the reserve price is $1,000, and bidding does not rise above $900, the owner may withdraw the item from the auction. The reserve price is also called the upset price.

reserve price

The price below which auctioned property will not be sold.If a property is advertised with reserve, then the owner may withdraw it from auction at any time before sale. If it is advertised without reserve,then the seller must go through with the auction.

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Should the bank's first attempt at selling off the property fail, the lender is allowed three months to liquidate it at the minimum 80 per cent reserve price.
There is no reserve price so even if the highest bid is PS1 it will sell on the day - although the buyer will then take on any liabilities on the Grade II listed site.
The government has fixed reserve price of Rs3,646 crore for pan- India per MHz in the 800 MHz band; Rs3,980 crore for 900 MHz band ( pan- India excluding Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and J& K); Rs2,191 crore pan- India ( excluding Maharashtra and West Bengal) in the 1,800 MHz band.
4million - [euro]800,000 more than the reserve price of [euro]1.
He said: "We're a little disappointed that it didn't get to the reserve price.
On December 12, 2013, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had requested TRAI to furnish their recommendations on reserve price for 800 MHz band in all the service areas in terms of clause 11(1)(a) of the TRAI Act 1997 as amended.
htm) reserve price of $13 million for the mansion and the auction was finally carried out on Dec.
The GSMA was surprised by the Telecom Commission's decision to overrule the TRAI recommendations on reduced reserve prices for the 1800MHz and 900MHz spectrum bands.
Property manager Oliver Clarke, of Scoutbay Asset Management, said: "We anticipate there will be a good level of interest in the property at this reserve price, whether it be someone who wants to trade with exisiting use or has a new idea for the building.
Disgruntled fans angered by his desire to quit the club advertised the big Belgian with a reserve price of PS25 million.
Dubai Australia's Test captain Michael Clarke, who was not quite fond of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in its initial years, and his precedessor Ricky Ponting command the highest reserve price of USD 400,000 each in the auction for IPL VI.
A 145-square-metre apartment in Al Fairooz Building in Dubai Marina, with a reserve price of AED1.

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