reserve fund

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Reserve Fund

An account used to save for unexpected expenses. In most cases, a reserve fund is a savings account from which one can withdraw at will. In other cases, a reserve fund may be a money market fund or may be invested in something like U.S. Treasury securities. In any case, a reserve fund is highly liquid and easy to access.

reserve fund

A physical fund with money for anticipated future needs. A reserve fund should appear on a company's or property's balance sheet as an actual bank account, earmarked for a particular use.

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The SEC said Tuesday that the agency plans to continue upgrading its technology with the help of the SEC's Reserve Fund, "which has been critically important in our efforts to keep pace with the rapid technology advancements occurring in our regulatory areas as well as meeting the challenges of cybersecurity."
One of Rera's requirements for service charge budget approval is a formal reserve fund study.
To ensure fairness, where possible, all owners and occupiers - both current and future - should contribute to the reserve fund equitably.
Russia's Reserve Fund has been the main source for filling the country's budget deficit.
Kuwait's Finance Ministry said in a press release that the Reserve Fund for Future Generations' share amounted to KD733.50 million during the same period, making up 10 percent of the state's public revenues.
The reserve fund of President of Georgia has been reduced because of inappropriate expenses, but non on political
Muscat, April 15 (ONA) Bernard Membe, the Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and his accompanying delegation paid a visit to the State General Reserve Fund. He met Abdul Salam bin Mohammed al- Morshedi, CEO of State General Reserve Fund and a number of officials in the Fund.
The reserves are invested in two state funds, the State Reserve Fund with $149 billion and the Reserve Fund for Future Generations with $399 billion, Al Qabas newspaper said, citing a report by the Audit Bureau, Kuwait's state accounting watchdog.
Sponsors of condominium conversions have always had the obligation to finance the condo's reserve fund. But two recent court decisions have changed the way the funds' minimum requirements are calculated, with major effects on how much money sponsors need to set aside.
Summary: Consultative Shura Council is due to discuss draft law for National Reserve Fund in meetings Monday and Tuesday in Riyadh.
The Fayetteville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to use $1.6 million from the city's reserve fund to complete the purchase of 376 acres that include Mount Kessler.
The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan has authorized the allocation of financial aid from the reserve fund of Kyrgyzstan for women giving birth to 3 or more children at once.

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