reserve fund

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Reserve Fund

An account used to save for unexpected expenses. In most cases, a reserve fund is a savings account from which one can withdraw at will. In other cases, a reserve fund may be a money market fund or may be invested in something like U.S. Treasury securities. In any case, a reserve fund is highly liquid and easy to access.

reserve fund

A physical fund with money for anticipated future needs. A reserve fund should appear on a company's or property's balance sheet as an actual bank account, earmarked for a particular use.

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They are, in most cases, probably shy of security, which is where the loan-loss reserve fund comes into play.
Donations to the diocese's reserve fund can be mailed to: Agricultural Crisis Reserve Fund, Diocese of Brandon, Box 21009, WEPO, Brandon, Man.
Extensive losses have almost exhausted the Reserve Fund One balance.
Fitch analyzes the default tolerance of Maine HHEFA's portfolio using a stress test that considers credit quality, single-risk concentration, reserve fund size, debt service requirements, and historical default and recovery rates for health care and higher educational facilities.
Supporters said they think the reserve fund issue alone would not keep cityhood off the ballot, while city officials and other opponents said it calls into question the strength and viability of a Valley city.
The 'AAA' rating on classes A-1, A-2A, A-2B, A-2C, A-3, A-4 and A-5 reflects the protection provided by the respective reserve funds and subordinate certificates.
The authority's total reserve fund balances including the general reserve and consolidated bond reserve fund are estimated to have increased by 11% to $1.
It was always our intent that these funds, if needed, come from the reserve fund,'' Riordan said.
Further security on the payments to note holders is provided by a reserve fund in the amount of approximately 10 percent of the principal balance.
As subordinate lien bonds matured, and the related reserve fund requirement declined, the authority expected to recover these balances.
Besides allowing the city to partially repay investors out of the reserve fund, the resolution also will allow the city to issue future payments to bondholders whenever available amounts exceed $500,000.

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