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Affirmative Action

A series of policies a government or organization pursues to help a given demographic group, especially a historical minority, in work and/or education. Affirmative action may be mild; for example, race may be one of a number of factors a university considers when deciding admission. On the other hand, it may impose stringent requirements; for example, a government may oblige companies to abide by gender quotas when hiring.

Affirmative action as a policy is quite controversial. Proponents argue it helps engender equality among groups in society. Critics contend it does (or at least can) reward less qualified persons at the expense of more qualified persons.

The term "affirmative action" is predominantly American. The concept is called positive discrimination in the United Kingdom, employment equity in Canada and reservation in India.
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The retention of some right by the grantor in a deed. Grantors may reserve a life estate, the mineral interests, or a right-of-way across the property, for example. Reservations appear in the reddendum clause of a deed.

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Usually toward the end of the conversation, the reservationist gives the travel counselor the booking number, also called confirmation number, reservation number, or record locator.
(That's explained by the reservationist and in the brochure.) It's best to express it as an exact day of the week and due date (e.g., Monday, June 6), not "six weeks prior to departure."
The reservationist will ask for the AGENCY NAME and ARC/IATA/IATAN NUMBER.
Mild reservationist leaders undertook to defeat these amendments, as continuing unsettled conditions in Europe, as well as a desire to bring an end to wartime legislation and resume full economic relations with Germany, made the delay entailed with amendments intolerable to them.
"He immediately booked me on a flight with another carrier, something I was told couldn't be done by the reservationist at the airport."
Others testifying in support of the bill were Renee Maurel, a reservationist with Northwest Airlines; Carol Scott, a customer service representative with New Jersey Central Power and Light; Gary T.
In a transaction environment, most inbound data is limited to human typing speeds; for example, an airline reservationist keying in ticket information.
Those looking to make group reservations are asked to call the hotel directly at 1-888-687-1894 and speak with a group reservationist.
The reservationist may offer the counselor several specific cabins within the selected category.
Workers in other sectors of the tourism industry should request this information from the travel agent or airline reservationist with whom they are making the reservations for their clients.
The multi-character, one-person play by Becky Mode zeroes in on an addled workday in the life of an aspiring actor who earns a living as a phone reservationist at a trendy Manhattan restaurant.
It reminds me of an airline reservationist who said, "Today with computers we can do in 30 minutes what it used to take 30 minutes to do by hand." I am thrilled that the computer services industry is prepared to sell us technology to better serve our customers.