research department

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Research department

The office in an institutional investing organizations that analyzes markets and securities.

Research Department

A department in a brokerage or institutional investor with the task of evaluating securities and other investment vehicles to determine which to recommend to brokers, clients, and other interested parties. The research department develops investment strategies depending on the current and projected future conditions of markets. It may use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or any other technique in performing its duties. See also: Investment adviser, Advisory letter.

research department

The group of individuals in a brokerage firm or institutional investment house that analyzes companies, economic matters, and securities. The research departments in institutional investment houses assist in selecting investments and devising investment strategies. Brokerage firm research departments assist the registered representatives in making customer purchase suggestions.
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He said that Wheat Research Department AARI had planned to conduct 155 wheat research experiments during next year and for this purpose, necessary material has been provided at its experimental centers including Arid Zone Research Institute Bhakkar, Regional Agricultural Research Institute Bahawalpur, Barani Zarai Tehqiqati Adara Chakwal.
SIR - We all want the battle against crime to be won and, to this end, we have important tools and research departments to help in getting enough evidence to convict some of the greatest crimes such as murders, violence against persons, evidence of terrorists acts against us and unsolved murders.
The bank has hired Richard Yetsenga, formerly with HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), to head its global foreign exchange research department.
As Britain prepares for winter, leading financial products research group, The Research Department, has warned those at risk of flooding they could be better off staying with their current insurer.
The subsequent section outlines the evolution of the research department, primarily with respect to the impact of technology.
Space has been layered back from the street along the axis, with the public, communal facilities, like the post room and library, being placed around the entrance hall and giving way to more introverted accommodation: the research department and trade union offices, and further on to neutral spaces, the meeting and conference rooms at the rear.
We're in the same game as the Third World countries," confirms Greg Baiden, the project engineer of Inco's Ontario Division mines research department.
For more information about the survey, write to Katherine Nelson, senior research associate, Social Research Department, American Foundation for the Blind, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.
A TEAM of researchers at the Agricultural Research Department of the Ministry of Environment (MoE) have succeeded to isolate pathogens that cause palm leaves splotching.

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