research department

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Research department

The office in an institutional investing organizations that analyzes markets and securities.

Research Department

A department in a brokerage or institutional investor with the task of evaluating securities and other investment vehicles to determine which to recommend to brokers, clients, and other interested parties. The research department develops investment strategies depending on the current and projected future conditions of markets. It may use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or any other technique in performing its duties. See also: Investment adviser, Advisory letter.

research department

The group of individuals in a brokerage firm or institutional investment house that analyzes companies, economic matters, and securities. The research departments in institutional investment houses assist in selecting investments and devising investment strategies. Brokerage firm research departments assist the registered representatives in making customer purchase suggestions.
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Director of Agricultural Research Department at MoE Massoud Jarallah al Marri noted that the discovery is significant as it will help in reducing the use of pesticides, the fact that would bring agricultural and environmental benefits at the same time.
The Research Department provides analytical support and acquires grants for the participating agencies and programs of MJHS.
The Research Department also has advice for prospective buyers in flood-prone areas.
The research department served as a conduit between local unions and the published research of government agencies, universities, and think tanks.
Based in San Francisco, Urdan joins Wells Fargo Securities as a managing director and senior analyst in the Equity Research department covering the Education sector.
And even though market research departments at agribusiness companies across the board are leaner than in the past, their staff members are more positioned than ever to play a critical role in a firm's strategic marketing.
The research department now has 34 analysts covering more than 300 companies.
com/reports/c51643) has announced the addition of RFL Communication's new report: Research Department Report Newsletter to their offering.
has created a research operations group within its research department to be headed by Al Grunst.
In her new role, Saul will manage Insignia/ESG's research department and will assist in the firm's marketing and communications activities on Long Island.
Blue previously was manager, Production Research Department.
The Calvert Social Research Department has submitted the following recommendation regarding action within the Calvert Social Index[R].

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