request for proposal

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request for proposal (RFP)

Ideally, a tightly written list of requirements and specifications upon which contractors, vendors, or service providers are invited to place bids. The goal is to write the specifications in such a manner that bids can be compared equally, without making adjustments among them. For example, an RFP for floor covering might specify the exact maker and pattern name for a carpet,or it might specify a generic carpet of a certain weight,with or without a pattern, and with or without a pad of a specified thickness. It would include scale drawings of the space to be carpeted so that waste could be calculated,and it would include special instructions such as the need for installation to take place between certain dates or over a weekend.
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Upon EPG's or 22DEG's project(s) being successfully awarded a contract under the Ontario Ministry of Energy's Request for Proposals for 1000 MW of renewable energy to be announced in November 2005, the strategic partner will acquire the awarded project(s).
The OBESITY SURVEILLANCE Request for Proposals reflects the components each applicant must address to demonstrate their expertise and capacity to successfully fulfill the objectives and deliverables associated with conducting obesity surveillance for the Department of Health.
The compromise, reflected in an addendum added to the project's request for proposal, is the result of a recent decision by the San Diego County Water Authority board of directors not to slap the Twin Oaks Water Treatment Plant with a union-only labor agreement.
This 100-megawatt request for proposals is for renewable energy for NV Energy's operating company in Southern Nevada.
A list of service areas for each state and estimated grant amounts for each service area will be included in the request for proposals section found at www.
I have been working for many months with the Mayor's Office, the NYC Economic Development Corporation, and community representatives through the Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance on the Request for Proposals," said Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion.
The league issued a request for proposals for a site or sites for four of the six races planned for 2007.
Earlier in the year the City of Greater Sudbury put out a request for proposals looking for private-sector partners.
After the long delay, the county issued a request for proposals in April 1999 for a build-to-suit lease.
Earlier this year, the agency issued a Request for Proposals, hoping to hire an experienced real estate consultant to help it use many of its out-of-service stations, railway land sites and parking lots to close its large bud-get gap.
The Request for Proposals Aims to Select Advisors for Three Global Regions
The request for proposals was originally scheduled to be released Nov.

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