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The county's signature repurposed military installation is Zhaishan Tunnel.
"AudioLoggers make it easier for users to produce ad-free versions of content from live broadcasts, into which fresh commercials or sponsorship messages can be inserted as the media is repurposed," says Osburn.
Shop from Kansas-based vendors for locally sourced, creative, vintage, and repurposed items and art, make eco-friendly crafts you can keep, play games, eat delicious plant-based and grain-fed food, and talk to experts on everything from energy to gardening to advocating for the earth.
Those repurposed drugs could move to market in less time and for less money than it takes to gain approval for novel drugs by skipping preclinical testing requirements and, possibly, Phase 1 safety and dosing trials.
"We repurposed a pop-up Taco Bell that was originally made from recycled materials, creating one of the greenest fast-food restaurants in the country," said Paul Galvin, chairman and CEO of SG Blocks.
Iceni Pharmaceuticals has launched as a new company, focusing on developing repurposed and reformulated cancer therapies.
| Professor Stuart Corbridge, inset, says Durham University remains committed to both Durham and its Stockton Queen's Campus, seen from the air above, which is to be 'repurposed'
"We hope to have a final list of repurposed projects to send to FHWA for approval by early July.
Ms Churchill said: "With this bill we have the potential to deliver three essential things: patient access to repurposed, off-patent drugs which have strong evidence for effective treatments, medical advancements with the use of patient information, and an increasing awareness of the potential of repurposed drugs for all clinicians and patients.
Designer Will Holman packs in over thirty step-by-step projects made from paper, wood, plastic and metal and also includes directions on how they can be repurposed yet again when their second or third uses have passed.
In the second section, we have developed a Word 2013 Add-in using VSTO 2013 and repurposed the default actions of the commands in Word 2013 using VSTO 2013.