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In order to increase further patient representativeness, BIO suggests that the FDA consider allowing the enrollment of younger children without providing a requirement for a specific number to be enrolled, then pediatric trials could be more inclusive and provide additional safety information for use in children.
With the objective of make a punctual portrait of this representativeness, here, we analyzed, in a very preliminary way, the representativeness of women scientists in the publications on herpetology in the state of Piaui.
The LET pointed out that the guarantee of vertical parity is not enough to establish parity in the House of People's Representatives (HPR), recalling that the representativeness of women had not exceeded 27% in the elections of the National Constituent Assembly and had not exceeded 30% in the HPR's elections.
Setting aside this flawed premise of fair sectarian representation, the sectarian variable greatly reduces representativeness of voters' will.
In general, given the difference between two different data types, representativeness error is the component of that difference that arises from spatial and temporal scales represented by one, but not the other, type of data.
New Delhi [India], August 4 ( ANI ): The Centre on Friday announced the revision of the base year to calculate the All-India Wholesale Price Index (WPI) from 2004-05 to 2011-12, as part of an exercise to capture structural changes in the economy and to improve the quality, coverage and representativeness of the indices.
This representativeness survey collates the information from various researchers to provide an overview of their activities and clusters the key outcomes of their research in order to direct further work.
Among their topics are from stop-fricative clusters to contour segments in Old English, the regrettable dichotomy between philology and linguistics: historical lexicography and historical linguistics as test cases, the effect of representativeness and size in historical corpora: an empirical study of changes in lexical frequency, evidentiality and direct visual perception verbs in Early Modern English witness depositions, social-network maintenance in the correspondence of 19th-century Scottish emigrants, and from Shakespeare to present day American English: the survival of "get + (XP) + gone" constructions.
There are two criteria, informativeness and representativeness, which are widely considered for evaluating unlabeled samples.
The 50/50 recruitment introduced in the wake of the Patten Report ended around three years ago and the PSNI fears the "representativeness" of the force is beginning to fall.
The major issues in Kokopenace were the scope of the right to representativeness on the jury roll (a list of persons who are eligible to serve on a jury) under sections 11(d), 11(f) and/or 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter), and whether Ontario violated that right.
The university said the platform provides a cost-effective and efficient survey solution by offering sample representativeness, high response rates and quantitative measurement of sample quality.

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