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Measurement is performed volumetrically, non-destructively and representatively. This is said to iron out weaknesses of the conventional test procedure, where a sample is taken and later analyzed in a laboratory.
To sample the small mammal community representatively without any bias to species with certain food preference, no high-energy bait for shrews was used, since a pilot study in the area showed that capture probability but also mortality of shrews increased by additionally using mealworms as bait.
To act representatively, legislators must not only be aware of their constituents' views, but must also be willing to engage with their constituents on and sometimes even seek to influence the substance of those views.
The selection of sample treewas conducted by choosing the tree in each compartments based on criteria that were considered to be able to represent the properties of forest representatively.
Ground cement paste containing 1.0% chloride was used representatively. The D/MAX-2500 model was employed and the diffraction pattern was performed in the range of 6-60[degrees] (20) at 0.1[degrees]/sec scanning rate for a 30 kV voltage.
My aim was to examine atmospheric phenomena symbolically--as images and the possibilities such images have to show life representatively. Although these phenomena are minute and fugitive, through the photographic process they can appear quite out of proportion to their size and distance from us, and lose all of their ephemeral qualities and apparent remoteness from our lives, becoming part of our experience.
(30) Representatively, miR-122 positively regulates HCV infection by increasing HCV translation and genomic RNA stability through direct interactions with the viral RNA genome.
Cluster 4 is representatively the greatest one, not due to concentration (30), but as a result of its heterogeneity, including a greater space related to different approximations and distances from the two vectors.
A further survey was commissioned following traditional opinion polling techniques, canvassing just over 1,000 people representatively spread across age and social demographics, which recorded support levels of up to 70% for lynx reintroduction.
Another representatively unambiguous use of the phrase "from among" in a statute involving implied currency occurs in the federal Competition Tribunal Act:
His heterodox insights on women have been entirely ignored, unseen behind the repeated insistence that he is unable "to write sensibly or sensitively about female characters"--thus Stephen Abell, representatively, in the Times Literary Supplement.

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