representative firm

‘representative firm’

the typical supplying firm in a market. The concept of the ‘representative’ firm is used specifically in the analysis of supply conditions in PERFECT COMPETITION and MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION to identify the equilibrium price and output of the individual firm.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-February 24, 2017-Efore names Meridian Technical Sales as new representative firm
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-February 24, 2017-Efore names Meridian Technical Sales as new representative firm
When there is greater price discrimination, a representative firm is much more likely to use LCP.
com)-- Access Specialties International, a leading manufacturer of access control systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new representative firm in the United States Midwest market.
ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO) audio and visual communications solutions provider has selected BP Marketing Group, LLC of Minnesota, as Midwest manufacturers' sales representative firm for its Network Media Streaming products, the company said.
Having a sense of how well something akin to a Marshallian representative firm is doing provides a way for them to reach a verdict on this matter.
Established in 1992, Remington Group is a project management and owner's representative firm based in the Philadelphia suburb of Wayne, Pennsylvania, with an additional office in San Antonio.
Tacher keeps growing and further continues to be the fastest growing radio representative firm in the country.
Schepise Chemical Sales, LLC is a manufacturer's representative firm promoting an array of fine specialty chemicals including rosin resins, rosin esters, polyterpene resins, hydrocarbon resins, flame-retardants and specialty polymers for the adhesives and sealants, paint, printing ink and coatings and rubber and plastics industries.
By the middle of last month, about 700,000 square feet had been reported leased, said Steven Coutts, research director and senior vice president at tenant representative firm Studley, citing CoStar data.
As a tenant representative firm with offices throughout the country, we are well positioned to offer a wide platform of specialized services from brokers who are both skillful and knowledgeable.
NEW YORK-Sales representative firm OneCoast will launch its home showroom in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York during the New York International Gift Fair this week.

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