representative firm

‘representative firm’

the typical supplying firm in a market. The concept of the ‘representative’ firm is used specifically in the analysis of supply conditions in PERFECT COMPETITION and MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION to identify the equilibrium price and output of the individual firm.
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A manufacturer's representative firm specializing in sales in the hunting and fishing industry.
He was founder and president of Somers-Stanton, Inc., a manufacturer's representative firm; he enjoyed being with his family and having lunch with friends.
The owner's representative firm provides management for large multi-phase development and expansion projects.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-February 24, 2017-Efore names Meridian Technical Sales as new representative firm
When there is greater price discrimination, a representative firm is much more likely to use LCP.
Pigou's introduction of the equilibrium firm was a clear departure from Marshall's modally representative firm in industry.
She interviewed employees of the three types of firms; observed a representative firm's recruitment department; and examined behind-closed-doors decisions that these employers made as they recruited, evaluated, and selected new employees from the ranks of undergraduate and professional school students.
Note that stages II and III define the optimal behavior of the representative firm.
Create a value functional model of a representative firm. in which the manager of the firm observes the demand for the company's products and services and current costs and related government policies as well as possessing ambiguous information about future government policies and the possible costs they may impose on the company.
The Times of Malta As of January 1, KPMG, which has been operating in the Libyan market for the past seven years through a local representative firm, is launching its new member firm in Libya.
where u (M) [greater than or equal to] 0 is the utility of music produced by the representative firm with the usual properties, [beta] [member of] [0,1] is the probability that the consumer engages in file sharing, [lambda] [member of] [0,1] is the probability that the representative producer files a lawsuit against the consumer and [phi] > 1 is the penalty factor of a lawsuit.
In fact, I tried to hire him back about 12 years ago, but he was dedicated to running his own representative firm at the time."

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