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Written or oral confirmation that all or part of one's order has been executed, including the price and size parameters of the trade being reported; often followed by a fresh picture.


1. See: Stockholder's report.

2. Confirmation that a broker makes to a client that an order has been executed. The report includes all relevant information, such as price and order size. It may be made orally or in writing. See also: Fresh picture.


A confirmation of a transaction at the time of execution.
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When manufacturing facilities experience the release of a reportable substance, they must notify emergency responders so nearby communities can be properly protected, said Shawn M.
Among other efforts helping to decrease the reportable injury rate, many Union Pacific employees participate in Courage to Care -- a personal commitment to provide feedback to fellow employees to fix unsafe situations and to have the courage to accept feedback from coworkers -- ensuring everyone goes home safe.
Excavation damage is the nation's leading cause of reportable incidents that resulted from unintentional release of gas since Jan.
of voting rights (indirect): N/A - below reportable threshold
Table I shows a list of selected reportable diseases and conditions and the required timeframes for reporting.
6707A had prescribed specific fixed-dollar penalty amounts for reportable and listed transactions without reference to any percentage of tax benefit, so the penalty could exceed the tax benefit from the transaction.
It is not an offence to inform the ICC of non-reportable accidents, but failure to report a reportable accident is a breach of RIDDOR and can result in a prosecution.
Under the new guidance, a company may submit a combined report for a specific reportable food situation that involves more than one of its facilities, such as manufacturing and processing facilities, storage facilities and/or distribution facilities.
FDA's revised Q & A Guidance document regarding the Reportable Food Registry is available at:
The standard also requires disclosure of factors used to identify the entity's operating segments, including the basis of organization and types of products and services from which each reportable segment derives its revenues.
The answer is "no"--since the prize is not related or deposited to an account, it is not "interest," and therefore not reportable on a 1099-INT.
Based on a review of the Forms 8886, Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement, and Schedules M-3 received during the 2005 filing season, the IRS and Treasury announced in Notice 2006-6 that the book-tax difference category of reportable transactions under Treas.

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