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Reorg (or Corporate Action or Reorganization)

Any transaction involving the issuance of stock or cash, or the cancellation of stock tendered by a shareholder, such as in the case of a merger, acquisition or tender offer.
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The act or process of changing the terms on the assets and/or liabilities of a company. That is, a company may consolidate its debts, significantly change the size and scope of its operations, and take other measures to reduce the strain of continuing operations. Most companies reorganize either as part of a bankruptcy or as an effort to avoid it. If the company is reorganizing as part of a corporate bankruptcy, it is said to be in receivership.
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Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., has approved a Silver reorg plan featuring Oaktree's $40 million acquisition of the Dallas-based company, parent to the Landmark Theaters arthouse circuit and a chain of discount movie theaters.
Indeed, conventional wisdom has it that maybe another circuit or two will join the 10 gone before into Chapter 11 reorgs -- Regal Cinemas is the one most closely watched -- but observers also believe that most of the biggest dominoes have already fallen.
With nearly a dozen companies in recent bankruptcy reorgs and others considering such moves, many exhibs soon will be run by new owners with new ideas about how to do business.
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