rental income

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rental income

Money collected from tenants for the use of space. On financial statements, money collected as late fees, from the use of laundry machines, or as forfeited deposits (unless credited to rent) should not be included in rental income but should be listed separately or under “miscellaneous income.”

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Rental Income

Income received by the taxpayer for allowing another person's use of the taxpayer's property. Rental income includes advance rental payments, late payments, and current payments. Payments received for lease cancellation and forfeited security deposits are rental income the year received or forfeited. Rental income is considered passive income for purposes of the passive loss rules, except for that of qualified real estate professionals.
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The drop in rental income comes at a tough time for the UK retail industry, which has seen a raft of shopping centre giants close branches and demand rent cuts.
SEGRO made GBP50.5 million from property sales and like-for-like net rental income for the period jumped to GBP146.0 million from GBP140.8 million.
Expenditure incurred on the fabric of the property can also qualify for a deduction against rental income, as repairs, such as exterior and interior painting and decorating, damp and rot treatment, mending broken windows, repointing and replacing roof slates etc.
Rental income during the period more than doubled to P180 million from P87 million.
This could lead to possible manipulationof rental incomes by house owners while filingtaxes, resulting in loss of revenue for thegovernment.Officials from the Ministry of Finance toldBusiness Bhutan that the ministry woulddefinitely consider if the tax on rentalincome requires interventions.
PRS REIT said the three sites have a combined GDC of about GBP51.5m and are expected to deliver approximately 272 additional new homes and provide an estimated rental income of GBP 3.1m per annum.
HK Land's rating is driven by the resilient rental income from its investment properties in Hong Kong's Central district.
Will the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCCI) take up the matter with the FBR to revise the tax slab on property rental income in line with AOP so that filers in this category also stand relieved of heavy tax burden by getting benefit of recent adjustments in tax rates?
Assume that all other amounts remain the same, except that the taxpayers do not itemize in 2018 but instead take the standard deduction of $24,000, decreasing their taxable income by that amount under the IRS method and by $21,874 under the court method ($2,126 net rental income minus $24,000).
Net rental income for the quarter was EUR54.3m, as compared with EUR59.4m in Q2 2017.
The acquisition will diversify the trust's alternative portfolio and enhance its rental income return profile, it said.

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