rent control

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Rent control

Municipal regulation restricting the amount of rent that a building owner can charge.

Rent Control

A local law setting maximums on the amount landlords can charge tenants on certain properties. This is done primarily to protect tenants from certain actions, such as increases in rent at the end of a lease on tenants who ask for repairs. Proponents argue that rent control gives tenants a degree of stability that would not otherwise exist. Opponents contend that rent control discourages investment in housing, reducing the quantity (and perhaps the quality) of rental housing available.

rent control

Laws that regulate the rent that can be charged for space. Rent-control laws were originally enacted as emergency measures after World Wars I and II,because many returning service personnel emigrated to urban centers.This caused housing shortages and dramatic rent increases, with a resulting increase in evictions.Today,rent control is seen as a legitimate exercise of a government's police power and usually does not require an emergency situation.The state of New York differentiates between rent-controlled apartments and rent-stabilized apartments because of the dates of differing legislation. Rent-controlled apartments are still operating under laws enacted in 1947. They require that the tenant have continuously occupied the apartment since before July 1, 1971. As those apartments vacate, they become rent-stabilized under other legislation, or they become decontrolled under some circumstances.

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The state-run APP news agency added that the trader leaders also urged the elected representatives to take appropriate measures for passing the amended rent control act for Islamabad during the 52nd session of the National Assembly, starting today.
ICCI Traders Welfare Sub-Committee Chairman Khalid Chaudhry said bill of a balanced rent control act was presented by PTI MNA Asad Umar and PML-N MNA Abdul Manan in the National Assembly long time ago.
They appealed to the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Federal Law Minister Barister Zafarullah Khan to arrange urgent passage of amended rent control bill from the Parliament.
The traders have appealed to the prime minister and the law minister to get the amended rent control bill passed from the Parliament.
City and county leaders have groups meeting about housing, but neither the Eugene City Council nor the Lane County Board of Commissioners has taken a position on rent control.
YES Neil Livingstone managing director, Douglas Dickson Property Management Rent controls do not work.
Ajmal Baloch, Central Organizing Secretary, Traders Action Committee, Islamabad said that a consensus bill of rent control act having the approval of all stakeholders was presented in the previous National Assembly, which is lying pending since then.
New Jersey is one of four states plus Washington DC to have rent control on privately-financed and built rental apartments.
In all, more than one-third of the city's total residential units were subject to rent control.
Rent control, seen by many economists as old-fashioned, has recently made a surprising comeback in one group of high-growth, dynamic economies - the Gulf.
Rent control was recently implemented in Alberta with a one year moratorium on rent increases--and the debate in the province continues as to whether more restrictions and controls are needed to solve the problem of increasing rents.