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Solucorp's patented Molecular Bonding System (MBS(R)) EPA Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation ("SITE") Program is a proven technology, permanently remediates wastes where heavy metals are present by chemically changing those metals into sulfides, which is the most insoluble compound for heavy metals.
The MBS(R) technology has been used on a number of sites worldwide to remediate toxic heavy metals contamination rendering the wastes non-hazardous.
Demonstrations will show a number of capabilities, including protection against network intrusion, ability to quarantine and remediate clients, and endpoint-integrity authentication, all based on the Trusted Network Connect architecture for network access control.
In addition to the ability to scan, detect, and remediate all vulnerable systems, the Vernier NAC solutions ensure that all users can be properly authenticated before accessing the network and that all systems are granted only the minimal level of network access necessary for users based on their roles in the organization.
Vernier Networks today announced that the company has made available an immediate security update that will give customers the ability to scan, detect, and remediate all network systems that are susceptible to the latest Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities.
Vernier's EdgeWall Network Access Control products authenticate, validate and authorize compliant endpoints, quarantine and remediate infected devices, and continuously inspect traffic for policy compliance.