remedial action plan

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remedial action plan (RAP)

A plan required by the Environmental Protection Agency for cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

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Remedial action plans must always be administered with corrective rather than disciplinary intent.
Such an example was the attempted development of a Remedial Action Plan that was stymied by the state of Michigan's development of RAPs without public input (Becker 1993).
Intergovernmental agreements were formed with public involvement to restore each of these areas to "fishable and swimmable" conditions through the mechanism of Remedial Action Plans, or RAPs.
Locala will now be subject to a 'remedial action plan' and if the organisation's performance does not improve it may be fined or, in serious cases, some of its funding may be permanently withdrawn.
The QFC Regulatory Authority has accepted an enforceable undertaking from The Royal Bank of Sctoland (RBS QFC) to establish a remedial action plan to ensure future compliance with its training and competency requirements.
They said the proposed remedial action plan includes excavation and off-site disposal of on-site shallow contaminated soils which exceed guidance limits.
The first two (2) of five (5) levels in the Building Envelope Course Series will debut during this time and will offer material related to the components of the building envelope, how to write a scope of work (remedial action plan), when it is necessary to test, how to perform necessary tests on components of the envelope, and investigation means and methods, among other important topics.
The company is awaiting the Record of Decision (ROD) on the Grasse River that is in line with the Proposed Remedial Action plan issued by the Environmental Protection Agency last fall.
Our Hamilton Harbour watershed remedial action plan is the most successful clean-up effort among areas of concern on both the Canadian and US sides within the Great Lakes Basin.
OMB Director Mitch Daniels directed federal agencies to review their internal controls on credit cards and come up with a "remedial action plan" by June 1.
Additionally, the remedial action plan for the site requires financial assurance for closure and post-closure activities.
Remedial Action Plan. The EPA decides what cleanup standards should be applied to the site and which remediation methods can achieve these standards.

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