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One who receives the principal of a trust when it is dissolved.

Remainder Man

The person or organization that receives what remains of a trust at its dissolution. That is, once all obligations to the beneficiary have been satisfied and all expenses have been paid, the remainder man receives the rest of the assets in the trust. The remainder man only receives these assets at the end of the trust's life; it may or may not be the same person as the trustor.


A person or organization that is to receive the remaining interest in a property or estate after prior interests have been satisfied.
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You will recall that under the uniform basis rule that the tax law utilizes, the trust's basis in its assets is allocated between the income beneficiary and the remainderman according to their actuarial interests, which change each year as the life expectancy of the life income beneficiary declines.
Charitable organizations are sometimes willing to serve as trustee of a CRT if they are designated as the sole or majority charitable remainderman.
This duty to act fairly confers a wide discretion upon trustees(35) enabling them to act partially but honestly(36) by favoring an elderly penurious life tenant needing income at the expense of a wealthy remainderman, especially where the life tenant was close to the testator or settlor and the remainderman is a more remote relative or a charity.
However, a retained interest which is not a right to receive a fixed amount or a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the property in trust at least annually is disregarded, but only if the remainderman is a "member of the transferor's family.
To avoid this unexpected gift from the income beneficiary to the remainderman, the Crumrney power may be limited to a level that does not exceed the allowable lapsing right gift tax exemption (i.
The capital of the trust belonged to the remainderman even when the specific assets making up the original capital were replaced by other assets.
TABLE 1 GRANTOR RETAINED ANNUITY TRUST Payment Remainderman Calculations Type of Trust: Term Annuity Payment Rate: 14.
1972) (contingent remainderman who sued alone obtained a damage award, which was impounded to await vesting).
In addition, a trustee is ineligible to elect the new adjustment statute if the trustee is a current beneficiary or presumptive remainderman, or if the trustee would benefit directly or indirectly (although not a current beneficiary or a presumptive remainderman).
The land was held in an unusual remainderman interest, where in order to maximize the tax shelter benefits in the building, the land was held as an estate for years by the Integrated partnership formed by Integrated Resources.
Under the actuarial method of allocation, the investment company is not an FPHC if the investment company earns $2 million of income, since the majority of the stock would be attributed to the NRA remainderman.
21] The right to the income is not a present interest even if B is also the remainderman entitled to the property on the termination of the trust.