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Similarly Power Supply will remain suspended on 17 March from 9AM to 3PM,resultantly consumers of 11 KV Sonehri Masjid, Old DehBahadar, New DehBahadar, Old Kohat Road, Landi Arbab-1,2, NodehPayan, Peshtakhara, ShiekhMohammadi, New Kohat Road,Industrial, Murshid Abad, Bara and Dora Road feeder will face inconvenience.
Soon thereafter, the birds' remains became infested with bugs and maggots.
The outlook for seniors housing remains favorable as the national economic recovery gains strength going into 2006," comments Gary R.
To Native American groups and their supporters, NAGPRA and similar laws are long-overdue measures that protect burial remains and sacred objects, helping redress the wrongs Indians have suffered since 1492.
Individually and collectively these efforts, with infrequent successes, remain not only uneven, but worse still have, in some cases, caused further distortions and even increased instability.
Wanted person records remain in NCIC until the entering agency removes them.
Accordingly, the members of the FOMC recognize the possibility that growth could remain elevated a while, with the potential for putting greater pressure on resources.
In April remains believed to be missing Americans from World War 11 and [lie Vietnam War were returned from Papua New Guinea and Laos.
The audible warning system will alert students and teachers to remain inside or to respond to classrooms and offices.