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the extent to which a product fulfils its function over a period of time.

The reliability of a product depends upon its design characteristics, the quality of materials and components embodied within it and the care with which it is made and assembled.

A product's reliability is an important part of its performance in use and thus affects the appeal of the product to customers and the likelihood of their buying it. See BRAND LOYALTY. See QUALITY CONTROL, FAILURE RATE CURVE, PARALLEL SYSTEM.

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grantor to rely on information provided by the foreign grantee.
Carriers rely heavily on cell phones and PDAs to assist with claims processes and to download information from remote sites.
Despite this robust infrastructure, or perhaps because of it, my students still expect the spontaneous reinforcement and information exchange that they have learned to rely on in the physical classroom.
Non-Signature Based -- Many of the traditional security devices rely on signatures which are easily defeated by the attacks mentioned earlier.
Some rely upon the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
Fossil-fuel projects, on the other hand, "have hardly made a dent in the energy needs of 2 billion people across the world, who rely on wood, crop waste, and animal dung," according to the IPS study.
Thank-you to everyone we need, rely on, depend upon and turn to on a yearly basis to help us to continue to showcase, honour and applaud these incredible contributors to our region.
In addition, the adviser must base the opinion on the relevant facts and law and must not rely on unreasonable factual or legal assumptions or taxpayer representations.
Both standards attempted to change the auditing industry by requiring auditors to consider inherent and control risk in audits and to rely less on a checklist approach.
1) If the parties rely solely on e-mail, any procedure that captures the entire e-mail suffices to capture the party-authentication data (the name typed into the e-mail).
This study investigated whether clients' fee pressures on audit engagements affected audit managers' decisions on how much to rely on work performed by a client's internal auditors.
Philip's wife, Queen Margaret of Austria, successfully negotiated aid for her brothers the Archdukes Ferdinand and Leopold of Styria, used her religious patronage to strengthen her political influence, and pressured Philip to rely less on Lerma.