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the extent to which a product fulfils its function over a period of time.

The reliability of a product depends upon its design characteristics, the quality of materials and components embodied within it and the care with which it is made and assembled.

A product's reliability is an important part of its performance in use and thus affects the appeal of the product to customers and the likelihood of their buying it. See BRAND LOYALTY. See QUALITY CONTROL, FAILURE RATE CURVE, PARALLEL SYSTEM.

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Second, improved reliability can significantly affect costs," Yolton continued.
Cheetah X15: Overcoming Challenges, Increasing Performance And Reliability
Beginning in 2008, DOD undertook a concerted effort to raise the priority of reliability through greater use of design for reliability techniques, reliability growth testing, and formal reliability growth modeling, by both the contractors and DOD units.
Requirement of maximum reliability in general means an effort to decrease failure intensity of particular elements of technical system.
Under the new Army reliability policy approved in December 2007, an engineering and manufacturing development phase reliability test threshold will be established for all programs with a Joint Requirements Oversight Council joint potential designator of "joint interest.
The principle of reliability is to drive the manufacturing assets to perform at the highest capable output, produce at the specified run rate and manufacture product with the highest quality and yield.
Catalyst knew that reliability was the right goal but did not know how to get there.
Traditionally, a key differentiator between I/O standards has been the cost/benefit tradeoffs between performance, reliability, and data protection in the form of RAID capabilities.
The authors are promoting a technique called "multiple environment overstress tests," or MEOST, which they claim "can dramatically improve reliability right at the design stage, in hours, instead of waiting months and years to confirm unreliability in the field.
Raytheon's experience in reliability engineering is extensive in the areas of problem solving, program planning, product and system modeling, testing failure analysis, process improvement and field data analysis for large and small programs, both in the government and commercial sectors.
The authors also misinterpret the function of a point-biserial correlation, drawing conclusions about item and test reliability rather than discrimination.
With intelligent failover and multiple fault-detection mechanisms for detecting and recovering from hardware, component or application faults, SteelEye's LifeKeeper reliability platform for MySQL prevents any downtime in the event of system or application failures.

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