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In 1981, when the FOMC cut its meeting schedule back to eight regularly scheduled meetings each year, the lag on releasing the policy record lengthened concomitantly: "A few days after the subsequent meeting" came to mean a publication date that was once again about forty-five days, on average, after the meeting.
The library also features first-run theatrical films acquired under Liberation's recent licensing agreement with Regent Releasing and television programs acquired under Liberation's new deal with gay and lesbian-targeted here
Frekote FRP-NC polymer releasing interface for molding fiberglass boats, tubs, shower stalls, and cultured marble sinks.
Technicians prepared to inject parts by releasing all mold surfaces using Ren RP 805 paste wax and Ren RP 78-2 silicone release agent.
My views on releasing videotapes and verbatim transcripts of FOMC meetings have not changed since I responded to Chairman Gonzalez on this issue earlier this year.
6 billion you can find ways to cut costs, to make efficiencies without compromising public safety by releasing prisoners,'' he said.
o In the early autumn, Virgin Records will be releasing its first fully interactive CD-ROM title from The Rolling Stones, based upon the Grammy-winning audio release "Voodoo Lounge.
A lawsuit and drought conditions have pushed back the July 10 date for releasing the endangered birds in the Vermilion Cliffs area 50 miles north of the Grand Canyon, said Robert Mesta, condor program manager for the U.
Three days after Deputy Mayor Michael Keeley resigned over his release of confidential city legal papers, City Attorney James Hahn issued a legal opinion Monday that would bar the Mayor's Office from releasing any information about pending legal cases.