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However, they are divided over whether this more relative majority would stand for easier taking of decisions or will constantly provoke political crises, which would defocus the government from resolving truly pressing issues.
In a statement issued following the meeting, the Board said that the decision was taken unanimously by the members in line with the General Assembly's recommendations submitted last April 9 and Article 33 of BCCI's Constitution stipulating that "resolutions of the General Assembly of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall be adopted by the relative majority of votes present at the meeting.
In most countries surveyed, the relative majority would either save the money or use it to buy a house or repay their mortgage.
If no party wins outright, the President mandates the leader of the party with a relative majority to start consultations on the formation of a coalition government.
It keeps a relative majority, albeit weakened," said Doris Capurro of the Ibarometro institute.

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