related party transactions

Related-Party Transaction

A transaction between two businesses that have a personal or other relationship. For example, a publicly-traded company may be inclined to hire a large, minority shareholder as a supplier. In small businesses, a company may hire the owner's brother-in-law to repair the driveway. Related-party transactions are legal, but create the potential for conflicts of interest. Thus, publicly-traded companies are required to report them on their 10-K forms.

related party transactions

A business deal, transaction, or conveyance among parties that have a special relationship with each other, either through family ties, related corporations, or other possibilities. Related party transactions require certain regulatory disclosures in order to avoid the appearance (or the actuality) of wrongful insider conduct.In addition,the IRS disallows or limits tax benefits if the underlying transaction is between related parties, because of the possibility of manipulation.

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The investigation focuses on whether the Company and its officers breached their fiduciary duties by causing or allowing First Bancorp to engage in the improper reporting of related party transactions.
THE government has clarified that related party transactions valued in excess of ` 100 crore would require prior approval of shareholders by way of a special resolution under the new Companies Act.
Agenda6: Approve the related party transactions between the company and affiliated companies of Zamil Group Holding Company that took place during 2013 and approve them for an additional year.
The proposed SAS Special Considerations--Audits of Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance With Special Purpose Frameworks requires that in audits of special purpose financial statements that contain related party transactions, the auditor should evaluate whether the financial statements include informative disclosures similar to those required by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
Along the way it ascribes some very Enron-like machinations to nursing home ownership, such as self-dealing and related party transactions, that the magazine implies are boosting profits to healthy, even obscene, levels.
The AICPA has issued Accounting and Auditing for Related Parties and Related Party Transactions, which provides guidance on related parties and related party transactions.
government was the first to enforce the arm's length standard as the overarching principle in setting transfer prices when, in 1994, the IRS issued final regulations accompanying section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code requiring that related party transactions meet the standard.
6038A-5 require a foreign related party to name a reporting corporation as an agent with respect to an IRS request to examine records or produce testimony on related party transactions.
Around the world, the potential to abuse related party transactions (RPTs) covering both equity and non-equity transactions is viewed as an important policy issue even though they are seldom banned.
agreements"), and which are related party transactions with the
THE board of the Securities and Exchange Board of India ( Sebi) has decided not to allow interested parties to vote on special resolutions on prescribed related party transactions.

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