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Refusal by a bank to grant credit, usually because of the applicants financial history, or refusal to accept a security presented to complete a trade, usually because of a lack of proper endorsements or violation of rules of a firm.
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1. A bank's refusal to grant a line of credit. This often applies to the refusal to grant a mortgage loan to an uncreditworthy person or a business loan to someone without a proper business plan.

2. An investor's refusal to accept a security presented to him/her/it. Reasons for this include suspicion of fraud or improperly filled-out forms.

3. Refusal to provide insurance coverage because the insurance company believes that the claim describes a service or situation that the policy does not cover.
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The refusal to accept a security that has been delivered by a customer or broker. A questionable certificate or an improper endorsement are reasons for rejection.
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Rejections that talk about things you cannot change.
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This isn't what you should let rejections tell you, but you also shouldn't make them push you to be cocky.
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When discussing responses to rejections based on Alice with colleagues, some successful response techniques were uncovered.
Fourth, the applicants took advantage of the fact that the examiner did not assert any prior art rejections under Sections 102 or 103.
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