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Refusal by a bank to grant credit, usually because of the applicants financial history, or refusal to accept a security presented to complete a trade, usually because of a lack of proper endorsements or violation of rules of a firm.
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1. A bank's refusal to grant a line of credit. This often applies to the refusal to grant a mortgage loan to an uncreditworthy person or a business loan to someone without a proper business plan.

2. An investor's refusal to accept a security presented to him/her/it. Reasons for this include suspicion of fraud or improperly filled-out forms.

3. Refusal to provide insurance coverage because the insurance company believes that the claim describes a service or situation that the policy does not cover.
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The refusal to accept a security that has been delivered by a customer or broker. A questionable certificate or an improper endorsement are reasons for rejection.
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While higher-grade acute rejection can usually be readily noted on low-power view, grade A1 rejection might only be detected at higher-power analysis, especially in specimens with procedural artifacts and atelectasis.
WOUNDED ESTEEMI know the formula of approach determines the formula of rejection. If someone has a genuine and harmless approach, there is no reason to be brutal with the no.
Finally, immunosuppressive drugs are much less effective at preventing transplant rejection over a long period of time, thereby leading to graft loss in many recipients.
Appearance-based Rejection Sensitivity (Appearance-RS), actively correlates with concerns regarding body image allowing one to determine levels of social acceptance.
'Forgery and alteration of certificate forgery or alteration will render the certificate invalid and make products subject to rejection.
Noting that previous research on rejection sensitivity either uses correlations of questionnaire scores or experiments carried out in the artificial context of the lab, the LIU-led research team approached the problem via "Ecological Momentary Assessment" (EMA).
The rejection not only puts them on the path to starvation, but it also breaks their spirit.
The percentage of rejection after initial screening or editor's triage will vary from journal to journal keeping in view their human, financial resources and other facilities.5 Some well-established journals which have lot of staff, look at all new submissions within two to three days and a decision of desk rejection is conveyed to the authors immediately.
Under an agreement, Thermo Fisher Scientific's One Lambda brand, a global leader in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing and antibody monitoring assays for transplantation, will co-distribute Natera's kidney transplant rejection test in the US via its direct sales team.
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Acute rejection (AR), defined as graft aggression resulting from the recipient's immune response to the donor antigens expressed in grafted organs, is a major immunological event and may influence short- and long-term outcomes (2).