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Situation 4: The facts are the same as in Situation 1, except that the health FSA and HRA are post-deductible arrangements that only pay or reimburse medical expenses (including the individual's 20% coinsurance responsibility for expenses above the deductible) alter the minimum annual deductible of the HDHP is satisfied.
If a doctor does not indicate there is a medical justification, Medicare still will reimburse for the drug but at a lower rate.
We do have a 25-mile radius that we don't reimburse in,' said Tom Hood, a POST spokesman.
AIG PIIC provides insurance coverage that reimburses individual insureds for certain expenses related to identity theft, virus circulation and physical damage to computers that occurred as a result of their personal internet use or wireless use.
CA) today announced an innovative program that reimburses CA employees up to $5,000 for each child they adopt, with a maximum of $10,000 payable to one family within a two year period.
ETP is a business and labor supported state agency that reimburses California companies providing high-skilled, high-wage training to their employees.
Medicare no longer reimburses for calculated LDL values, but instead reimburses for measured LDL (CPT code No.