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"They seem to use the word 'regular' when they really mean 'small' or 'medium'.
LEFT-REGULAR PERMUTATIONS OF F-EXTENSIONS Similarly to the right regular case we have
* Non-regular workers tend to be less educated, as only 12.1% have a university degree compared to 31.4% for regular workers (Panel C).
In the first five months of the year, average regular wages increased 2.29 percent from a year earlier to NT$41,641, the DGBAS said.
Senator Nancy Binay, meanwhile, attended 60 plenary sessions of the third regular session, having missed one session day due to an official mission abroad.
However, the government's recent change in its view, expanding regular admissions has become confusing to parents and students.
In Japan, the non-regulars called 'dispatched workers' and 'part-time workers' are able to either join existing unions of the regulars or form unions of their own.
The Parliamentary Committee on Social and Labor Affairs is reviewing a proposal for phasing out the so-called extended regular working hours for medical personnel.
The single fee for 9th grade private students (arts group) would be Rs 1095 and regular students Rs 650.
MUSCAT: Changing from super graded petrol to regular will not affect one's vehicle performance, automobile engineers and mechanics said, even as some were of the view that it could cause wear and tear of the engine in the long run.
quasi regular if all elements of N(S)) are left quasi regular.