regression coefficient

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Regression coefficient

Term yielded by regression analysis that indicates the sensitivity of the dependent variable to a particular independent variable. See: Parameter.

Regression Coefficient

A mathematical measure of the effect that an independent variable has on a dependent variable. It may be used on any number of financial measures. For example, one may calculate the effect that earnings have on the share price.

regression coefficient

A mathematical measure of the relationship between a dependent variable and an independent variable. For example, a financial theorist might attempt to determine the effect of increased dividends on a stock's price by calculating the regression coefficient between the price of the stock and its dividends per share. In this instance, the stock price is the dependent variable and the dividend payment is the independent variable.
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When assessing the estimates of (co)variance additive genetic and permanent environmental components between the random regression coefficients it revealed that the variances of the first two coefficients of additive genetic effects were greater than the third one (Table 4), indicating that they have contributed significantly in the variation description of the TDMY records.
As shown above, it is relatively simple to incorporate the sample design information necessary to estimate regression coefficients and standard errors from complex samples.
This methodology identifies the independent variables, estimates the variable regression coefficients, verifies the random error term assumptions, and evaluates the accuracy and usefulness of the model.
In Figure 6, applying individualized sets of regression coefficients for each heat pump reduces the error in [[?
The regression coefficients seem to indicate that the associations of PI with height and weight are stronger for boys aged <11 years.
Correlation and regression coefficients from multiple regression analysis identifying associations between measures of women's modern method use and measures of access to modern methods in 34 countries Variable Modern Method mix method use Correlation Regression Correlation Regression Access to no.
Lastly, the regression coefficient pertaining to trade openness (open) is positive, but statistically insignificant.
Table 5 shows the regression coefficients for the dynamic specification.
Table 1: Growth Rates of Area of Agricultural Crops in India during 1970-71 to 2009-10 Regression Regression Coefficients of Results/crops a t [r.
He slams the experimental design (or lack thereof), he criticizes how the analysis was done, he gripes about the lack of skewness and kurtosis measures, and he condemns the improper testing, the lack of statistical power, the improper use of significance measures, and the conclusions based on small regression coefficients.
The mathematical model of the process is given in the form (1), in order to be accepted, it is necessary to calculate and evaluate the regression coefficient signification of the model (b) and to examine the model adequacy.
In response to Hypothesis 1, the regression coefficient is used to test whether the China's OFDI flow amount will increase as the amount of oil supply of an African recipient country increases.