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When this is the case, the obtained regression coefficients can be biased or inconsistent.
Table 2: Average yield of dry grain (water conten = 14 %) (tons ha- 1) and the regression coefficient (bi)of mutant genotype and check varieties at six locations of farmer groups Genotype Yield Regression Deviation of (t [ha.
084 Table IV: Estimated Regression Coefficients For Mrr Term Coefficient SE- coefficient T-value P-value Constant 0.
9 Table 7 Normalised regression coefficients Regression coefficients [F.
As shown above, it is relatively simple to incorporate the sample design information necessary to estimate regression coefficients and standard errors from complex samples.
A Newton's method minimization routine was used to find the regression coefficients.
In contrast, the resolutions sponsored by a Member of the majority party in the Congress, during the 2011-2013 legislative session, had a greater (64%) chance of 'entering' a committee, and this 64% was categorized as regression coefficient (weight) from the prognosis analysis as high as 1.
In Figure 5, applying individualized sets of regression coefficients for each heat pump reduces the error in [W.
Association between the exposure indexes and outcomes adjusted for age and household income * All boys (N=269) ([dagger]),([section]) Outcome variables Regression coefficient p-value (95% CI) PI (log m) Height (cm) 1.
27 coefficient of Placement variable is also named the regression coefficient.
The posterior mean of regression coefficient obtained through simulation procedures are given in the Table 1.