registration statement

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Registration statement

A legal document filed with the SEC to register securities for public offering that details the purpose of the proposed public offering. The statement outlines financial details, a history of the company's operations and management, and other facts of importance to potential buyers. See: Registration.

Registration Statement

A document filed with the SEC explaining a new offering of securities for public trade. A registration statement must contain a complete description of the security and the terms of the sales. It must also include applicable information about the issuer's financial situation and applicable risk factors. This is done to protect investors from fraud.

registration statement

A document filed with the SEC containing detailed information about a firm that plans to sell securities to the public. Required data include financial statements, the reason for the issue, and details on the firm's business. Certain issues (such as under $500,000, intrastate sales only, private placements, and bank securities) are exempt from this requirement. See also deficiency letter, official statement, prospectus.
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HLS Systems") has filed with the SEC a Registration Statement on Form S-4 containing a Proxy Statement/Prospectus for the stockholders of Chardan North.
Proceeds from the issuance and sale of securities under the registration statement as well as other proposed offerings by the Company are expected to be used to fund a portion of the purchase price of the Company's recently announced acquisition of Preserver Group, Inc.
The registration statement covers the distribution of rights to purchase up to 2 million of the Company's ordinary shares.
The Registration Statement relating to the resale of 9,064,890 shares of common stock includes 4,233,950 shares of the Company's common stock issuable upon exercise of warrants.
The registration statement was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") on September 12, 2006.
A registration statement relating to the securities listed in the shelf registration has been filed with the SEC, but has not yet become effective.
When declared effective by the SEC, the Registration Statement will be available for use by the noteholders to resell the previously issued $75,000,000 principal amount of 4.
The securities covered by the Company's registration statement may not be sold nor may offers to buy the securities be accepted prior to the time the registration statement becomes effective.
The shelf registration statement will provide the company with greater flexibility to take advantage of financing opportunities, subject to market conditions and the capital requirements of the company.
The shelf registration statement, when declared effective by the SEC, would give the Company the ability to offer and sell up to 2,300,000 shares of its common stock.
The terms of any offering under the registration statement will be established at the time of the offering and will be described in a prospectus supplement filed at the time of the offering.
AIG) announced today that it filed an Amendment on Form S-3 to its Registration Statement (the Registration Statement) originally filed in March 2006, relating to shares of common stock of AIG which may be delivered by Starr International Company, Inc.

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