registered options trader

Registered options trader

An American Stock Exchange specialist who monitors a certain group of options to help maintain a fair and orderly market.

Registered Options Trader

A floor trader or specialist on the American Stock Exchange concentrating on options. These traders are expected to ensure that options are being traded fairly and, if necessary, to help correct imbalances in the market. See also: Registered competitive market maker, Registered equity market maker.

registered options trader

A member of an organized options exchange who is a market maker in certain options assigned by the exchange. A registered options trader holds a position similar to a specialist on a stock exchange.
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Interactive Brokers will make markets for 150 options products as a new specialist, in addition to the products that they quote remotely as a Supplemental Registered Options Trader (SROT).
Perry spent the last six years first as Vice President in block trading and then as a registered options trader and Principal at J.
Schwartz, an Amex member and registered options trader.
In 2006, the Amex options business launched its remote options market- making programs -- Remote Registered Options Traders (RROTs) and Supplemental Registered Options Traders (SROTs).
The Amex has selected three major Wall Street firms as Supplemental Registered Options Traders (SROTs) to participate in the program.

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