registered company

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Registered company

A company that is listed with the SEC after submission of a required statement and compliance with disclosure requirements.

Registered Investment Company

A mutual fund or other investment company that is registered with the SEC. Registered investment companies are required to report their policies and financial conditions, much like a publicly-traded company. Most investment companies in the United States must register with the SEC; they are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940.

registered company

A corporation that has filed an SEC registration form and that is subject to SEC reporting requirements.

registered company

a JOINT STOCK COMPANY that is registered in the UK with the REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES.
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A registered company engaged wholly in commercial activity seeks capital in the markets in order to construct a new manufacturing facility, thereby enabling the company to increase its production of goods for export.
The Infosites' main power is the ability to let the CEO of a registered company to maintain and upload information from their own computer.
An ISO registered company since 1998, PNS was recognized by the QuEST Forum as one the first 100 companies worldwide to earn TL 9000 registration.
Minerals Corporation Limited and Japan and China Holdings Limited are registered companies in Australia, and Jade Communications LLC is a registered company in the United States of America.

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