registered company

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Registered company

A company that is listed with the SEC after submission of a required statement and compliance with disclosure requirements.
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Registered Investment Company

A mutual fund or other investment company that is registered with the SEC. Registered investment companies are required to report their policies and financial conditions, much like a publicly-traded company. Most investment companies in the United States must register with the SEC; they are regulated by the Investment Company Act of 1940.
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registered company

A corporation that has filed an SEC registration form and that is subject to SEC reporting requirements.
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registered company

a JOINT STOCK COMPANY that is registered in the UK with the REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES.
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She said one must have a registered company with other documents such as VAT registration, BURS and PPADB for codes, with certain professionals in place like civil engineers, safety and health environmental officer and site agents just to mention a few.
Managing director Steve Gaylor said: "We're really proud to be acknowledged as a TOP100 Registered Company and are happy with the ongoing success we have enjoyed here over recent years." *
According to the existing 8 B Adjustable input tax, notwithstanding anything continued in this act, in relation to a tax period, a registered company person shall not be allowed to adjust input tax in excess of 95 per cent of the output tax for that tax period and has no methodology for adjusting sales tax refunds within group entities.
Foreigners cannot buy land, or property with land, in the country in their own name; the land portion must be purchased through a Bulgarian registered company.
If the writer has a registered company, then he could object that the competitor's name should not be registered, because it is too similar to his own.
As well as being a TOP 100 registered company, the firm is also registered with FENSA to give customers complete assurance of the company's standards.
Director of communications and information at the GQC, Kate Fielding, said: "Any registered company taking or using a protected title has to be registered with the GOC as a body corporate.
Take, for example, the case of a Latvian company seconding employees to a Norwegian registered company. Latvia and Norway have long been signatories to a treaty on the Prevention of Double Taxation and Tax Evasion (the "Treaty").
AaA new decree revising the conditions to be a registered company and the rules of business practice in Algeria by foreign traders, including retailers, importers and exporters, is currently under preparation, the Minister of Trade said Thursday here.
Internet search engine company Mikojo Incorporated (OTCBB:MJKI) announced today that it has completed its merger with LG Holding Corporation, a Colorado registered company. The intended merger was announced on 29 July 2009.
Sahab Al Khaleej Real Estate Company is a Bahraini closed shareholding registered company with an authorised capital of BD50m ($132.6m) and paid-up-capital of BD8.5m.

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