regional exchange

Regional Stock Exchange

1. In the United States, all stock exchanges operating outside New York City. Examples include the National Stock Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

2. More broadly, all stock exchanges located outside a nation's main financial center.
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regional exchange

A securities exchange that specializes in the stocks and bonds of companies with a regional, rather than a national, interest. The regional exchanges provide the only organized trading in many of these securities. They also list and trade many of the securities traded on one or more of the national exchanges; in recent years, the majority of trading on the regional exchanges has been in these dual-listed securities. The major regional exchanges in the United States are the Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia stock exchanges.
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Regional exchange.

Stock exchanges in cities other than New York are called regional exchanges. They list both regional stocks, which may or may not be listed on the New York exchanges, as well as stocks that are listed in New York.

Because of the National Market System, securities listed on one exchange can be traded on any other exchange if the price there is better than the price on the exchange where the stock is listed.

The number of regional exchanges is shrinking, however, as the result of mergers and acquisitions by larger exchanges.

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Since then, the CMA has embarked on a mission to transform the company into a leading regional exchange that is built on global best practices and structures.
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Boursa Kuwait is committed to developing a liquid, reliable and sound capital market providing issuers with efficient access to capital, and investors with diverse return opportunities, which will help Boursa Kuwait evolve as a leading regional exchange. Goldman Sachs is a US multinational financial and investment services firm and is one of the most recognized banking institutions in the United States and the world.
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