regional exchange

Regional Stock Exchange

1. In the United States, all stock exchanges operating outside New York City. Examples include the National Stock Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

2. More broadly, all stock exchanges located outside a nation's main financial center.

regional exchange

A securities exchange that specializes in the stocks and bonds of companies with a regional, rather than a national, interest. The regional exchanges provide the only organized trading in many of these securities. They also list and trade many of the securities traded on one or more of the national exchanges; in recent years, the majority of trading on the regional exchanges has been in these dual-listed securities. The major regional exchanges in the United States are the Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia stock exchanges.

Regional exchange.

Stock exchanges in cities other than New York are called regional exchanges. They list both regional stocks, which may or may not be listed on the New York exchanges, as well as stocks that are listed in New York.

Because of the National Market System, securities listed on one exchange can be traded on any other exchange if the price there is better than the price on the exchange where the stock is listed.

The number of regional exchanges is shrinking, however, as the result of mergers and acquisitions by larger exchanges.

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In June 2015, Boursa Kuwait Securities Company (BKSC), the company founded in April 2014 by the Capital Markets Authority to become the new operator and owner of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), unveiled its strategic roadmap for the takeover of the KSE and its transformation into a leading regional exchange that reflects the strength and depth of Kuwait's private sector.
Contract notice: Participation in competitive tendering for an extended, multi-tenant regional exchange (ervs).
More than half of the bourse investors were non-Bahraini which makes it a regional exchange already, the director said.
It formulates and disseminates policies in support of both fields and provides a platform for regional exchange on policy issues and technological questions.
During the meeting, Mansoori briefed the delegation on Qatar Exchange's strategy and explained that the exchange aimed at introducing necessary changes in its infrastructure to transform QE from a local and regional exchange into a world class exchange.
He said that one of the most significant initiative to be discussed at the upcoming meeting would be to liberalize the access to the regional exchange memberships for all South Asian brokerage firms regardless of their domicile.
Rapidly growing interdependence in trade and finance and the increasing importance of spillovers and contagion effects within the region make regional exchange rate cooperation essential," said Iwan Azis, Head of ADB's Office of Regional Economic Integration that prepared the report.
Regional exchange rate cooperation-if handled wisely-can ensure intra-regional exchange rate stability while allowing inter-regional flexibility; thus helping promote intra-regional trade and investment, and rebalance the regions sources of growth, said the special section of the latest edition of ADBs Asia Economic Monitor released on Tuesday.
In the three years it has been running the platform has 'floated' just three companies, but still insists it could be a model for a full-blown regional exchange.
He will also be focused on the regional exchange of medical information among healthcare providers, it says.
From rationale and strategies for Asian bond market development, to the questionable future of macroeconomic coordination in Latin America, to the European experience of regional exchange rate arrangements, these scholarly and heavily researched discussions shed new light on serious issues in an increasingly globalized world.
For a transfer of an interest actively traded on an established exchange (such as the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ National Market, a regional exchange or recognized foreign exchange), in which quotations are published on a daily basis, recitation of the exchange where the interest is listed, the CUSIP number of the security and the mean between the highest and lowest quoted selling prices on the applicable valuation date, will satisfy all of the requirements of this paragraph.

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