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Return on Investment

The money that a person or company earns as a percentage of the total value of his/her/its assets that are invested. It is calculated thusly:

Return on investment = (Income - Cost) / Cost

Because it is easy to calculate the return on investment, it is a relatively popular measure of the profitability on an investment and can help in making investment decisions.


return on investment (ROI)

A generic term to define a number of analytical tools for measuring the financial benefits of an investment, including cash-on-cash, internal rate of return, equity dividend,and financial management rate of return.

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Al Qurayat housing project in Al Jouf Region (273 units).
Reports received through December 6, 2008, indicated that the RSV season onset had begun in mid-October in Region 4 (Atlanta) (excluding Florida [week ending October 11, 2008]) and in late October in Region 6 (Dallas) (week ending October 25, 2008).
trade partner and it has already diverted substantial foreign direct investment away from the region.
Other than some modest sales representations, these regions probably don't warrant the strategic investment any new market development requires.
The Regional Workshops are held for certain NAMA regions.
Operations in Region 2 typically involve a nontrivial amount of effort and strain.
EAP will sustain alliances with our five treaty partners in the region while promoting their increased integration into U.
This region Immediately recognizes whole words that have been seen and read many times before.
In the non-HVL-endemic region, most serum samples collected (64.
Moreover, the influences of the Islamic civilization on the West were often downplayed, while, on the other hand, the impact of western cultures and values on the region was largely overemphasized and presented in a non-critical manner.
This process will see the development of powerful new e-markets and e-market makers that will fundamentally change the way organizations in the region conduct business locally and with the rest of the global economy," says Lane Leskela, principal analyst for GartnerGroup's e-Business Services Asia/Pacific.