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To retire existing bond issues through the sale of a new bond issue, usually to reduce the interest rate being paid.
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1. See: Tax refund.

2. The sale price of an asset that the seller may give back to the buyer if the buyer returns the asset.

3. See: Redeem.

4. See: Refunding.
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To retire securities with the funds that have been raised through the sale of a new security issue. Refunding usually occurs after a period of falling interest rates when firms issue new debt in order to retire existing debt having high coupon rates of interest. Refunding works to the disadvantage of existing bondholders, who must sell their securities before maturity (usually at a slight premium over face value) when proceeds can only be reinvested at a reduced yield. Also called refinance. See also call provision, nonrefundable, prerefunded bond.
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The first payment through FASTER module against the refund claims for July has been made and the State Bank of Pakistan confirmed the credit of refund amount in the claimants' bank accounts, the FBR said.
Chief Policy said that the system has the capacity to process about Rs15-20 billion refund claims, adding that it would also help in overcoming the fake invoices and flying invoices.
Moreover, parts of the refund claims that are non-verifiable or not found admissible will be subject to system validation checks every week and the RPO shall be generated for the amount found valid during each scrutiny, according to the draft.
However, the director of the tax refund company noticed two credit card numbers repeatedly appeared in tax refund transactions for different travellers.
But many Americans prefer refunds, even though personal finance experts say it's not a wise idea to get one.
PIAF chairman informed that sales tax refunds of over Rs 125 billion belonging to the textile sector are pending with the government and the timely clearance of sales tax refund through promissory notes by the government would boost the business of the textile and allied industries.
These reforms, Chua said, ensures that all refund claims are completed and paid out within 90 days of submission as required under this law.
The undersecretary said the new system also allows the conduct of a risk-based post-audit instead of auditing claims before giving the refund, and requires the implementation of an electronic invoicing and receipts system.
In case of Integrated GST (IGST) refunds, about 95 per cent (Rs 48,455 crore) of the total IGST refund claims (Rs.
"Refunds will cover a broad range of goods sought by tourists, and are in line with practices in other countries...
They say that as per Article (68) of Cabinet Decision (52) on Executive Regulations, the Cabinet may issue a decision on introducing tax refunds for tourists, specifying the date from which the scheme comes into effect.
The offset application needs to be submitted to IRB for verification before approval while the remaining tax refunds will be carried out based on the government's fiscal ability, the finance minister said in a statement.