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To retire existing bond issues through the sale of a new bond issue, usually to reduce the interest rate being paid.


1. See: Tax refund.

2. The sale price of an asset that the seller may give back to the buyer if the buyer returns the asset.

3. See: Redeem.

4. See: Refunding.


To retire securities with the funds that have been raised through the sale of a new security issue. Refunding usually occurs after a period of falling interest rates when firms issue new debt in order to retire existing debt having high coupon rates of interest. Refunding works to the disadvantage of existing bondholders, who must sell their securities before maturity (usually at a slight premium over face value) when proceeds can only be reinvested at a reduced yield. Also called refinance. See also call provision, nonrefundable, prerefunded bond.
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The motion for class certification seeks to certify the class in a manner that will expedite issuance of a judgment relating to taxpayers with valid and fully supported refund claims.
Half of those who received it in 1999 got it through a refund loan, shows the latest available data obtained by The Brookings Institution, a think tank based in Washington, D.
With a delinquent original return requesting a refund, the return is also the refund claim (per Treasury Reg.
The problem with the refund procedure here is not one of substance but of timeliness," Schwartz said in the May 12 decision.
If you expect a refund next year, you should make steps now to have more take-home pay, rather than wait until the summertime to get the refund and then blow the money," says Marvin Mangham, a financial advisor with the Atlanta Planning Group.
Without company help, terminated employees will have an almost impossible task of getting their refunds.
The savings however were not in the form of a refund but were a credit against future taxes.