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"We do not preclude adding commodities exposure if China reflates sooner than we expect.
QE3 will be much smaller, and will do much less to reflate asset prices and restore growth.
In August 2001, he wrote that, "The driving force behind the current slowdown is a plunge in business investment." But "[t]o reflate the economy," he told us, "the Fed doesn't have to restore business investment; any kind of increase in demand will do." In particular, "Housing, which is highly sensitive to interest rates, could help lead a recovery."
But I am going to take it at face value, as a genuine desire to reflate the pound somewhere close to $2 (it's currently at $1.50) - which, of course, is far worse.
The Hobson's choice before them is: reflate or deflate?
The UK Government's catastrophic financial failure underlines the need for Scotland to have responsibility to run its own affairs, with the ability to take the decisions needed to reflate the economy, contribute to recovery, and overcome the Downing Street downturn.
Effectively, the Fed is trying to reflate the economy.
Attempts by the Federal Reserve and governments around the world to "reflate" the economy are a warning sign to any business that price inflation is only one bureaucrat's decision away.
The Fed is desperate to keep mortgage rates low to reflate the housing market, and last week it promised to inject hundreds of billions of dollars more in this effort.
"They had to saw into my chest, take arteries out of one of my legs and deflate and reflate my lungs.
George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, struck a chord when he said that as we look to rebuild, there is no point in trying to reflate a balloon that has burst.