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reference group

a social group with which an individual identifies or to membership of which he or she aspires. The activities and values of the reference group provide a basis for the individual's beliefs and lifestyles. For example, young people often identify with rock stars.

The need to imitate the lifestyle of such idols can be exploited in MARKETING. Promotional material such as advertisements may feature these heroes, thereby suggesting that if consumers purchase a particular product they will be like their chosen reference group, and be viewed as such by others.

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Assembly Member Jane Hutt and All Wales Diabetes Patient Reference Group Chair Wendy Gane spoke about improving diabetes management and the vision for diabetes care across the nation.
There was no significant increase in risk for any colorectal cancer among patients who had follow-up colonoscopy within nine months, compared with the reference group. However, the risks of any colorectal cancer and of advanced colorectal cancer increased significantly at 10 months (odds ratios, 1.
In recognition of the vital role of the Poverty Reference Group, it was representatives from the group who gave the presentation to the COSLA judging panel so that they could share their experiences directly with them, demonstrating the impact that the council's work is making to real people.
Mr Quince said he was quitting the reference group "with regret" as he believed it had made good progress in creating a more inclusive environment.
According to Leijer (2010), consumers will use information from a reference group to evaluate their opinions and decision.
In patients with endometriosis, a significantly higher (p < 0.0001) percentage of PF cells expressing [CD45.sup.+]/[CD14.sup.+] was found, as compared to the reference group. In addition, a significantly higher percentage of PF macrophages was detected in women with stages I and II (p <0.001 and p <0.001), but not in patients with stage III/IV (p > 0.05) endometriosis, when compared to the reference group (Table 1).
The reference group will be made up of residents, business owners and community group leaders.
Developed in consultation with healthcare professionals and our patient and carer reference group, the booklet is designed to be shared with your GP and can be downloaded for free at or ordered by calling Action for M.E.
After PCOS induction, the rats were divided randomly and equally into four groups: control group, reference group {buserelin acetate [a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist] 20mg/kg body weight (BW)/day}, treatment group I (T occidentalis oil 500mg/kg BW/ day), and treatment group II ([alpha]-thujone 5mg/kg BW/day) for 45 days of treatment.
To identify the effect of reference group of celebrity used in the television advertisements of telecom companies on consumer buying Behavior.
While prior research has focused on the aspirational reference group spending more than the target consumer does, this research examines what happens when the aspirational group spends less than the target consumer does.

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