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reference group

a social group with which an individual identifies or to membership of which he or she aspires. The activities and values of the reference group provide a basis for the individual's beliefs and lifestyles. For example, young people often identify with rock stars.

The need to imitate the lifestyle of such idols can be exploited in MARKETING. Promotional material such as advertisements may feature these heroes, thereby suggesting that if consumers purchase a particular product they will be like their chosen reference group, and be viewed as such by others.

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The 11 member Reference Group will be chaired by the Hon Cheryl Edwardes AM, a former Western Australian Attorney General and chair of the Independent Advisory Council on Redress.
The reference group will be made up of residents, business owners and community group leaders.
After the end of 45 days treatment both active treatment groups and the reference group exhibited regular oestrous cycles, whilst the control group remained irregular.
Reference group can be defined the individual or group of individual which can influence the thinking and purchase intent of the customers.
H1a: Atypical high spending by the dissociative reference group will influence high SCO consumers to (a) increase spending from their current level for public products, but (b) not change their spending from their current level for private products.
However, by the end of fattening period, bull-calves that received the studied biologically active preparations as a part of the ration had higher live weight of bull-calves in the reference group by 14.
TABLE 1 Frequencies of Medical Residency Selections Made by the Reference Group and the Criterion Group Reference Criterion Group Group Residency Choice n % n % Internal medicine 1.
The panel, technically known as a reference group, will be made up of criminologists Dr Silvia Casale and Prof Roger Graef, as well as Sir Stephen Sedley, a retired Court of Appeal judge.
ASTA is also setting up an Online Reference Group to assist with sourcing and evaluating resources for the ASTA Online Professional Learning portal.
The USH2 results from the Health on Equal Terms questionnaire were compared to those for a reference group comprised of 5,738 persons (Bostrom, 2008).
Reference group formation thus evolved as an alternative to the "industry norm" system used by many business sectors to evaluate financial performance.
11) The NCAT Reference Group has also supported the guardianship division having multi-member panels.

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