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redeployment (of labour)

the movement of LABOUR from one firm to another, or from one industry to another, usually made necessary by technical change (the introduction of labour-saving machinery, for example) or by structural change (the decline of an industry, for example). Redeployment often requires a high degree of labour MOBILITY, both geographically and in terms of acquiring new job skills.

Increasingly, firms and other organizations are seeking to redploy existing staff within their own firm or organization as their job requirements change, with some departments or divisions being slimmed down or closed while other areas of the business expand. Using existing rather than new staff to fill newly created positions can save time and money See also RESOURCE ALLOCATION.

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The Redeploy Illinois initiative gives counties money to provide comprehensive services to delinquent youth in their home communities who might otherwise be sent to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ).
It is critical that units identify equipment requiring national-level Reset before they redeploy to allow for direct shipment of the Reset assets to the industrial base.
To redeploy a member of staff three weeks before the end of term and before the education minister has made a decision is, we feel, irregular,'' said parent Tanya Havard.
You also should develop plans to redeploy any existing inventory - raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods - and stop further procurement and production for these items.
The investments are through Adult Redeploy Illinois, a proven, successful program that is part of Governor Quinn s commitment to reducing crime and improving public safety.
Agency seeks to redeploy buses on other areas based on traffic
We will be working closely with those staff affected and trying wherever possible to redeploy them in the North West.
The Redeploy Program was estabfished to "encourage the deinstitutionalization of juvenile offenders" by sending state money to counties that offer juveniles an alternative to incarceration.
SPLA soldiers redeploy south from the Abyei area, in line with the road map to resolve dispute over Abyei (By Mckulka, UNMIS)
While DHL says it is too early to say for certain, it hopes to redeploy as many staff as possible across the business.
The 838th Transportation Battalion will now turn its focus on cargo expected to redeploy from Southwest Asia back to Europe in the coming months.