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redeployment (of labour)

the movement of LABOUR from one firm to another, or from one industry to another, usually made necessary by technical change (the introduction of labour-saving machinery, for example) or by structural change (the decline of an industry, for example). Redeployment often requires a high degree of labour MOBILITY, both geographically and in terms of acquiring new job skills.

Increasingly, firms and other organizations are seeking to redploy existing staff within their own firm or organization as their job requirements change, with some departments or divisions being slimmed down or closed while other areas of the business expand. Using existing rather than new staff to fill newly created positions can save time and money See also RESOURCE ALLOCATION.

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Furthermore, new language under subsection (d-5) adds requirements for counties that do not have an approved Redeploy Illinois Program.
The 151 workers were told there is no talk of redundancy but it is unlikely they will all be redeployed to other sites.
* It is critical that units identify equipment requiring national-level Reset before they redeploy to allow for direct shipment of the Reset assets to the industrial base.
``To redeploy a member of staff three weeks before the end of term and before the education minister has made a decision is, we feel, irregular,'' said parent Tanya Havard.
On 16 August 2008, the 3d Sustainment Brigade redeployed from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 07-09 to its home station at Fort Stewart, Georgia, as the first totally modular sustainment brigade.
"We will be working closely with those staff affected and trying wherever possible to redeploy them in the North West.''
"Our service operation staff, who are responsible for allocating fault technicians, will also be given the opportunity to redeploy to our Dudley site while the install support team will be offered redeployment opportunities in Manchester and Birmingham.
The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) in the region has started the project to retrain and redeploy manufacturing sector workers being made redundant in the region.
The 838th Transportation Battalion will now turn its focus on cargo expected to redeploy from Southwest Asia back to Europe in the coming months.
"Regrettably, we were only able to redeploy two staff, although we made the offer to all.