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It didn't go down very well in that reddest district in the reddest state in the nation.
Ratigan's] recent behavior relative to children and on the computer are a flag of the reddest color.
Eastern China's industrial area is nearly the reddest part of the map, meaning it has the highest concentration of particulates, Martin said.
His populist style of liberalism plays well in "blue" Eugene, but it is studded with enough conservative asterisks to attract support in the reddest rural reaches of the district.
So give in to the reddest of drinks, the Bloody Mary.
I JUMP OFF THE BOAT INTO THE II thickest, reddest patch of oil I've ever seen," Associated Press video journalist Rich Matthews wrote of his plunge into the murky, oily waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Dramatic entrance: Samia Smith, Corrie's Maria Connor, left; Rita Simons, 'Enders' Roxy Mitchell, below; and sexiest actress winner Michelle Keegan , who plays Tina McIntyre in Corrie, bottom left, arrive last night Reddest alert: Katherine Kelly, who plays Corrie's Becky McDonald turns on the style bash last night
It's only when they get to the reddest of reds that all the sugars develop in the fruits, so don't be tempted to pick them green and let them ripen indoors.
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is a Democratic elected official in the reddest state in the union.
The galaxies are the faintest and reddest objects seen in a new image released by the scientists last night.
He now could see the reddest crimson red, and peacock, ruby, pink, and apricot.
A Rorschach of roses surprisingly red: reddest, full of throat.