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Subdividing the land; metes and bounds and rectangular survey systems.
In 1785, the Continental Congress designated the rectangular survey method as the official survey technique for all public lands.
The baseline for each rectangular survey is a continuous line parallel to the equator and perpendicular to the principle meridian.
Most rectangular surveys did not have an adjacent benchmark that could be used as a reference point.
Irregular tracts of land are, of course, also described by metes and bounds within the rectangular survey system.
West Chicago, Illinois: 1) the system of metes and bounds in which each parcel of land is individually described and bounded, and 2) the system of rectangular surveys under which the land is divided basically into equal-sized townships, sections, and fractions thereof.
9) The township and range rectangular survey system that emerged owed much to both New England and Southern precedent, and maps constituted a fundamental part of the survey and recording process.