recording fee

Recording Fee

In real estate, a fee the local government assesses for placing the sale of a property in the public record.
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recording fee

A fee charged by the office that accepts real estate-related documents for recordation. The term is used generically and is meant to include the actual recording fee, the transfer taxes,  the indexing fees, and other such related costs.

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Hartford National Title's calculator utilizes integration with Ernst Publishing Company's Real Estate Recording Calculator, which is considered the gold standard for recording fee calculations.
Unlike many of the other title calculators offered by title companies, OneSourceQuote provides users with the reissue rate calculation on refinances and exact recording fees through an integration with a national recording database that is updated daily.
The letter also included a "recording fee" of $13.50 and a "fax fee" of $10.
He was the first to provide multiple recording fee and tax calculators on the Web in 2001.
La Jolla, California-based ClosingCorp, an independent real estate closing cost data and technology company that develops online data services for mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and consumers, has launched [DART.sup.sin], a data service that provides recording fee and transfer tax amounts for title and settlement professionals to use for closing transactions.
Do the actual recording fees charged after closing exceed the amount disclosed prior to closing?
They include loan origination fees, recording fees, county taxes, attorneys' fees, and appraisal fees.
However, the Third Circuit recently found that costs such as marketing, research, credit reports, appraisals, recording fees, and related salaries and benefits can be currently deducted as ordinary and necessary business expenses under IRC section 162.
"That such a large majority of respondents considered recording fees and transfer taxes to represent their most difficult problem is surprising," said Gregory Teal, president and chief executive of Ernst.
ClosingCorp's SmartGFE combines a company-backed compliance guarantee with instant access to real-time pricing data for title insurance, settlement services and GFE Block 6 data as well as local transfer taxes and recording fees. The SmartMonitor Alert feature automatically notifies lenders or brokers of any changes in transfer taxes or recording fees prior to closing, giving them time to redisclose.

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