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Account Reconciliation

The process of ensuring that one's personal records of transactions on a bank account matches the bank statement one receives each month or quarter. That is, each time one writes a check, uses a debit card, or otherwise makes a withdrawal from or deposit into a bank account, one keeps a record of the transaction. Account reconciliation involves making sure that these records match the bank's of the same transactions. Account reconciliation helps avoid, or at least remedy, such problems as identity theft and bank errors.


In appraisal, the process of considering values calculated from the various appraisal methods and weighting the strength to be given to each approach in order to arrive at a final value for the property.

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The reconciliation TV channel will run documentary and musical programmes initially and will be expanded at full scale after the establishment of the studio at Jaffna.
Palestinian rivals signs reconciliation agreement in Cairo
In psychology, person-to-person reconciliation is seen as a behavioral coming together again through the hard work of restoring the broken trust between the offended and the offending parties (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000; Enright & the Human Development Study Group, 1991; Worthington, 2003).
La question de reconciliation avec les personnes impliquees dans des affaires de corruption sous l'ancien regime suscite une profonde division parmi la classe politique tunisienne depuis plusieurs mois, entre des partis favorables au projet de loi initie par la presidence de la republique et les partis de l'opposition notamment qui estiment que cette reconciliation doit passer par la justice transitionnelle.
Minister Haidar stressed the government's keenness on completing the reconciliation in Qudsiya, vowing that the reconciliation project will continue despite the attempts by some parties to thwart it.
Taking into account the grave political crisis in our country, speaking about and acting toward reconciliation is welcome," Xhaferi says.
The national reconciliation committees are working in and out of the Eastern Ghouta countryside of Damascus with the backing of the Syrian government in a bid to facilitate the reception of as many families as possible of those who would like to leave their areas into the government-controlled ones.
Horizontal reconciliation is therefore about healing in human relations.
Additionally, with this new migration from TLM Reconciliations to the new TLM Reconciliations Premium we will be able to continue delivering even faster, more accurate results, further aiding their expansion.
A reconciliation file is a form of a legal procedure that spouses take whenever they want to seek guidance and/or counselling pertaining to family disputes to either reach an amicable reconciliation or divorce.
Robert Joseph, with a framed Year of Reconciliation proclamation.
In recent years, the House and Senate separately have adopted rules to effectively prohibit the use of the budget reconciliation process to consider legislation that would increase mandatory spending and the deficit, respectively.