recommended retail price

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recommended retail price (RRP)

the practice of manufacturers in indicating a resale PRICE for their products. Unlike RESALE PRICE MAINTENANCE, the recommended retail price is seen merely as acting as a ‘reference point’ for retailers in setting their own price. Subject to competitive conditions, the actual price paid by consumers is in most cases much less than the recommended price. See LIST PRICE, COMPETITION POLICY (UK).
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Fiat Chrysler Australia, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler, has increase the recommended retail price of its Chrysler 300 and 300 SRT range.
0 EcoBoost Zetec, fivedoor (100 PS) model is available with a saving of PS3,400 against the recommended retail price and a PS2,075 deposit allowance is available when financed with FordOptions - with 4.
Its regular white sliced pan comes with a recommended retail price of [euro]2.
Volkswagen Middle East has announced the introduction of Recommended Retail Prices for Volkswagen genuine parts and accessories across the GCC.
On top of the unique colour scheme, the SFV650 is also available until September 30th on Suzuki's latest promotion, where customers get Au500 off the recommended retail price of a standard machine and benefit from three years warranty and AA cover too.
The Motorpoint price for the Sport Tourer estate is usually pounds 10,999 - saving pounds 5953 on recommended retail price - but on April 5 the first customer to order this car will pay only pounds 9999.
The recommended retail price for the hard-backed Harry Potter book is pounds 17.
TK Maxx will be selling big brands favoured by celebrities and fashionistas alike, at up to 60% off the recommended retail price for the next six weeks, meaning you could pick up a pounds 235 designer pair for as little as pounds 69.
Sportswear giant Umbro told the consumer group's magazine there was no official recommended retail price for the England replica kit.
5kg bags, comes in cases of eight bags, and has a recommended retail price of 95p.
Well, it did until Nintendo reduced the Cube's recommended retail price to pounds 129.
10 at a recommended retail price of 430,000 yen, and the second, with 36-inch screen size, will be marketed from Sept.

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