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If all 2016 revenue reclassifications had occurred on January 1, 2016, GE BPO revenue would have decreased 17% year over year.
In July of 2013, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital ("Lawrence"), an urban hospital in New London, Connecticut, applied for reclassification as a rural hospital, as well as designation as a Rural Referral Center ("RCC"), which it was granted.
Comprehensive Income (Topic 220): Deferral of the Effective Date for Amendments to the Presentation of Reclassifications of Items Out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income in Accounting Standards Update No.
Typically, institutional investors are restricted to investing in developed and emerging markets, so the reclassification highlights the entry of a new class of investors into the domestic market.
Gross or net of reclassification adjustments, except for the minimum pension liability adjustment which is always shown net of any reclassification adjustment.
the reclassification of hernia mechanical devices from the Endomechanical product line to the Soft Tissue Repair product line, both in the Medical Devices segment.
All of these adjustments and reclassifications are highly technical in nature and nearly all of them are not the result of the discovery of new facts or information, but merely a change in the accounting guidance we had previously received.
We teamed up with ADP/SIS to give another group of customers easier and more cost-effective access to our year-end tax reclassification information.
After giving effect to the revisions and reclassifications described above, the Company and the Bank continue to be well capitalized.
Traffic has made certain reclassifications between Revenues
The reclassifications do not change the Company's profit from operations, income from continuing operations, net income or net income per common share.
The implementation of this new accounting pronouncement will require Penn Traffic to make certain reclassifications between Total Revenues and Costs and Operating Expenses in the Company's Statement of Operations.