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Balance of Concessions

An agreement in which one country reduces tariffs on its imports from another country in exchange for an equivalent, or at least similar, reduction from the second country. The balance of concessions is intended to stimulate international commerce between the two countries. It is also called reciprocity or simply a concession.


A mutual agreement to accept another's judgment on a matter.Some states offer reciprocity of real estate licensing,so that an agent or broker licensed in one state may become licensed in another without meeting the minimum education,testing,or apprenticeship requirements.

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According to their results, a norm of solo reciprocity is not sufficient to maintain cooperation, but it can maintain cooperation in solidarity with unconditional cooperators.
We're committed to reducing the burden on both government agencies and contractors, and our October 2015 guidance encouraging the use of these reciprocity agreements for EVM system certifications is a significant step in that direction.
After reviewing selected literature related to faculty learning in general and to learning the threshold concept of reciprocity specifically, we share our self-study approach (including the Decoding interview method), the learning the process generated amongst our group, and how shifts in our understanding of reciprocity occurred.
New Jersey YMCAs have been leveraging their collective impact through membership reciprocity since 2011, continually increasing wellness opportunities for members across the state.
Nevertheless, while news organizations are wrestling with how to open more direct and sustained pathways for audience engagement (Hermida, 2014), some media scholars have suggested that they consider the potential for greater reciprocity between journalists and audiences (Borger, van Hoof, & Sanders, 2014; Lewis, 2015; Lewis, Holton, & Coddington, 2014).
The NRA calls the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act a "much-needed solution to a real problem for gun owners.
IBM's reciprocity advantage, in this case, came from its understanding of its right of way (big data services).
Reciprocity is a theoretical grounding in global trade discussions and has been seen as limiting foreign exports into a home country to the extent that a foreign country limits the home's exports to it (Pinto, 1986).
Reciprocity principle governs interstate relations and diplomacy and the government of Pakistan must take up this case in which a national political leader has been deliberately insulted.
Taking into account of the concept of reciprocity preference, it is natural that project-based organizations would adjust their knowledge innovation effort level according to others'.
Considering that certain laws governing each profession allow foreign nationals to practice in the Philippines under reciprocity arrangements, it is extremely misleading to include such item in the FINL as a nationalized activity.
The Ministry said this decision is based on the agreement for regulating transit of persons and goods on land roads between the Syrian and Saudi governments, an agreement which is based on reciprocity.