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Balance of Concessions

An agreement in which one country reduces tariffs on its imports from another country in exchange for an equivalent, or at least similar, reduction from the second country. The balance of concessions is intended to stimulate international commerce between the two countries. It is also called reciprocity or simply a concession.
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A mutual agreement to accept another's judgment on a matter.Some states offer reciprocity of real estate licensing,so that an agent or broker licensed in one state may become licensed in another without meeting the minimum education,testing,or apprenticeship requirements.

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Under this new policy, Nigerian citizens whose applications for a nonimmigrant visa are denied will not be charged the new reciprocity fee.
An experiment was designed to separate the effects of earnings from those of reciprocity induction in choosing between individual and partial-altruistic contingencies.
(3) Because there is a known meaningful relationship between trust, reciprocity, and payoffs, we can study trust (investor behavior) directly.
I would love to be able to waive into Virginia based on a reciprocity agreement with Florida, which agreement Virginia gives to all states who reciprocate.
Soka University researcher Isamu Okada and his collaborators Tatsuya Sasaki (University of Vienna) and Yutaka Nakai (Shibaura Institute of Technology) have found that the solidarity of philanthropism and reciprocity is necessary to maintain cooperative societies.
The intent of EVMS reciprocity is to create an established, universally applicable set of standards for use in conducting reviews across the government.
Basit created a stir by stating that Pakistan's Joint Investigation Team's (JIT) visit to India to probe the Pathankot terror attack was not based on reciprocity - the complete opposite of what the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said.
During the study, participants were placed in an fMRI scanner and made altruistic decisions driven by an empathy motive (the desire to help a person for whom one feels empathy) or a reciprocity motive (the desire to reciprocate an individual's previous kindness).
Enacting reciprocity in service-learning can be particularly troublesome because it requires faculty to learn to develop courses and partnerships in counternormative ways.
Union, NJ, August 31, 2015 --( The Gateway Family YMCA announces the expansion of health and wellness opportunities for members as part of a statewide membership reciprocity program.
Building on an emerging thread of research that examines the potential role of reciprocity in such encounters, this study examines how reciprocity, as a key ingredient of online communities, might stimulate audiences' consumption and creation of content, including news content.
Prozanski introduced a successful amendment that would require that the state only grant reciprocity to licensees from states with standards that at least equal to Oregon's requirements.