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Here, equity in a recapitalized iHeart is also a sticking point, with iHeart offering 0.25% less.
To meet HEMTT A4 configuration requirements, recapitalized vehicles will receive improved suspension systems, a fully air-conditioned and armor-ready cab, and a more powerful drive train.
The corporation is recapitalized to create a new class of nonvoting common stock with the same distribution and liquidation rights as the outstanding voting stock.
"With Amey's retirement, the company recapitalized," says Jim Amanna, corporate communications director of RSIS.
The rescue plan, in which Air New Zealand is to be recapitalized in a two-phase cash injection from the government, was announced Oct.
After the transfer, the corporation recapitalized and exchanged the trust's common stock for preferred stock.
The merging of a recapitalized SAIF with a sound BIF would then consolidate The Financing Corporation (FICO) bond obligation of SAIF into the new insurance fund and effectively obligate past BIF members to participate on a pro rata basis.
The recapitalization plan that the company has chosen enables the public shareholders to receive $14 in cash, a high-yield bond worth $6, and one new share (the "stub") in the recapitalized entity valued at $14.
has been recapitalized by Arsenal Capital Partners, the company said.
Only a year later, Tishman Speyer recapitalized the building based on a $335 million valuation of the property, over 40% more than what they had paid.
* Upgrade all operator and maintainer training systems to the recapitalized configuration.