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The value of a property as determined by an appraisal after an appraisal was previously made. A reassessment usually occurs every year when a municipality orders appraisals to determine the liability for property taxes. Additionally, if a property owner wishes to dispute the value of an appraisal, he/she may request a reassessment. The reassessed value may take into account the quality of the property, values of surrounding properties, and market conditions in the area.


Reviewing or updating the value estimates of real property for the purpose of calculating ad valorem taxes.

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Officials in taxing jurisdictions that haven't called for reassessments - including the city of Houston - have said that there simply wasn't enough time between the storm and the due date for taxes to tackle such a massive undertaking.
Campaigners have called for the Government to make similar changes to disability benefit personal independence payment (PIP), for which those with progressive conditions still face reassessments.
When undertaking a reassessment project, the jurisdiction has the option to implement homestead, which permits it to create two classifications of property: homestead for residential property owners and nonhomestead for all other property owners.
To be eligible, companies would have had to have done baseline assessments for corrosion on those segments with an inline or pressure test which supported a reassessment interval beyond seven years.
This occurred because reassessment caused GAV to rise at a proportionally greater rate than did levies.
Your health services director performs a reassessment, changes the service plan and negotiates with the family for an increased service level, a process that takes two to three weeks.
In management s view, the CRA s proposed reassessments of the Baytex subsidiaries, and certain of its recent reassessments of other Canadian companies, is part of a broader initiative on the CRA s part to challenge companies with respect to the use of tax attributes.
But a secret DWP memo told officials to give up reassessments and keep paying Employment and Support Allowance to existing recipients until a replacement for the controversial firm is found.
Only real property is subject to periodic general reassessments to determine taxable value.
These provisions set forth procedural rules affecting the rights of "large corporations," as defined therein, to object and to appeal assessments and reassessments for tax by the Canada Revenue Agency (the "C.