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The value of a property as determined by an appraisal after an appraisal was previously made. A reassessment usually occurs every year when a municipality orders appraisals to determine the liability for property taxes. Additionally, if a property owner wishes to dispute the value of an appraisal, he/she may request a reassessment. The reassessed value may take into account the quality of the property, values of surrounding properties, and market conditions in the area.


Reviewing or updating the value estimates of real property for the purpose of calculating ad valorem taxes.

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He said that post enumeration exercise reassessment was not an easy job and as per the standard practices, 5 percent of the total population needed to be reassessed, adding that it would require engagement of army personnel and other census staff.
A recent study by a Westchester County town undergoing reassessment and deciding whether to implement the homestead option revealed that only 650 of the town's units would have been impacted.
For all other threats, reassessment is not required for 10, 15, or 20 years, depending on the operating stress level of the pipeline, unless the baseline assessment and related information indicates otherwise.
Part of the increase reflects the extra benefits UnumProvident may owe to claimants as result of the claims reassessment process, UnumProvident says.
The active ingredients had 9,721 reassessments of residue limits, known as tolerances, associated with them.
Further, Article 13A of the California Constitution excludes certain transfers from the definition of "change in ownership" that usually trigger a reassessment of property to fair-market value and a corresponding tax increase.
For more information about the Post Deployment Health Reassessment visit the Web site at https://fhp.
An individual who did not own any real estate could not challenge a county's reassessment of real estate values, according to the U.
18, 2004, a principal feature of the California Settlement Agreement, or CSA, is the claim reassessment process, wherein the company will use new standards developed specifically for California claimants denied in California since Jan.
Indeed, a threshold issue would be to ensure that CRA provides adequate notice of the technical basis of its reassessment so that taxpayers can effectively comply with the Notice of Objection rules.
But that reassessment came after children born to cocaine users were stigmatized as dramatically and permanently damaged, while their mothers were singled out for special condemnation and punishment.
Reassessment raised concerns among many that property tax bills would rise precipitously.