real market

Real market

The bid and offer prices at which a dealer could execute the desired quantity of shares. Quotes in the brokers market.

Real Market

The bid and ask quotes at which a security is traded. The real market does not account for a security's fundamental value, only the price at which it may actually be traded. A dealer engaging in the real market gives quotes that are likely to be taken. A dealer who does not wish to engage the real market may give quotes, but the quotes are purposely too high (if an ask) or too low (if a bid).

real market

The quotes from a dealer who is willing to buy and sell a security in relatively large volume. Dealers uninterested in trading a security may provide quotes but do not expect anyone to act on them.
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The real market value of a typical, or median-priced, house in Lane County rose 12.
April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Rich Dad Education is pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership with Real Market Masters in order to develop and market a new real estate investment program.
The real market is the world in which factories are built, products and services are designed and produced, revenues are earned, expenses are paid, and profits are generated.
So we created the Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act (MARA) to ensure that HUD pays no more than real market rents.
This seminar invites participants to bring their ideas--whether in the concept phase or nearly developed--and test their strengths and vulnerabilities against real market forces.
This requires us to be exposed to real market forces.
Matching your company's strengths to those real market needs is the essential first step.
In a real market system, competitors - not bribe-demanding bureaucrats - drive entrepreneurs crazy.
Market News First is the only online, live IPTV web site that brings real market news to investors and features live interaction with companies from the Bulletin Board to NYSE.
She said upwards of 90 percent of the county's residential properties could see an increase in their property tax bills this year because their assessed values remain lower than their real market values.
In the early '90s World-Wide was among the first to recognize a real market for residential conversions downtown," said Victor Elmaleh, Chairman of World-Wide
Market News First is the only online, live radio web site that brings real market news to investors and features live interaction with companies from the AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, Over the Counter Bulletin Board and the Pink Sheets.