real estate owned

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Real Estate Owned

Describing property owned by a lender after a foreclosure and the lender's subsequent failure to sell at a foreclosure auction. That is, if a bank forecloses on a property, it attempts to sell the property at an auction for an amount at least equal to the outstanding loan and associated fees. If it fails to do this (usually because the market value of the property is less than the outstanding loan), the property becomes real estate owned. The bank then attempts to sell the property at whatever price it can find. Real estate speculators often seek out real estate owned property because they can sometimes buy it for less than the market value.

real estate owned (REO)

Foreclosure property held by a lender.

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Other operating expenses, exclusive of collection and net real estate owned expenses, decreased significantly over the period, down $547,000 for the quarter and $1.
As anticipated, other real estate owned rose during the third quarter of 2011, increasing 7.
Sales of other real estate owned were essentially on a break-even basis for the third quarter of 2011, consistent with the second quarter of 2011.
Meanwhile, the value of real estate owned by households increased by about three-fourths of a trillion dollars.
6 million parcel of real estate owned, reducing its net non-perform ing assets well below national industry averages.
Upon completion of the land sale, net non-performing assets, including non-accrual loans and real estate owned ("REO"), totaled $3.
75% of the mortgage pool, and foreclosures and real estate owned (REO) represent 2.
Contract notice: Espoo housing ltd~s real estate owned apartment renovations annual contract.
Espoo Housing Ltd~s real estate owned apartment renovations annual contractEspoo Espoo Apartments Ltd is a city-owned real estate company, the purpose of which is to provide housing services for residents.
This strategic expansion of Patriot Equities' all-star lineup furthers the company's growing reputation as the premier destination for corporate real estate professionals, and validates the strength of our core mission: streamlining processes for the executives responsible for the estimated $3 trillion of real estate owned by corporate America," says Erik Kolar, president and CEO of Patriot Equities.
It's unbelievable what's going on right now - they're figuring out exactly how to do it by using technology and public records,'' said Anngel Benoun, director of real estate owned sales at Gibson and Associates, who worked with police on Brown's case.
The net cost of operation of real estate owned decreased by $1.

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