real estate broker

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Real estate broker

An intermediary who receives a commission for arranging and facilitating the sale of a property for a buyer or a seller.

real estate broker

See broker.

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Edge Real Estate Brokers Main Office 5550 Glades Road, Suite 500 Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-529-5600 Info@EDGEfla.
The MBA took a survey of MortgagePower loans in the spring of 1989, and claims that loans originated by real estate brokers have interest rates 1/8 to 3/8 of a point higher than otherwise available, which would mean home-buyers are spending $2 billion to $7 billion more a year than necessary on interest payments.
Why is a real estate broker offering such information?
NOTE TO EDITORS: Copies of NAR's "Membership Profile 1993: Profile of the Real Estate Broker and Salesperson," are available by contacting the association's Customer Service at 1/800-874-6500, and requesting product number 186-12.
While some TICs are being sold as securities through stockbrokers, FlexTIC will be sold only through California licensed real estate brokers, who will earn a commission for the referral to FlexTIC while continuing to work with their client searching for the long-term solution.
While this is the responsibility of building owners and managers, the process can be guided and helped by their real estate brokers.
Powers: A lawyer and real estate broker, he championed the needs of Chatsworth, as well as Valley secession.
Our agents are not your typical business brokers; they also have experience as real estate brokers, lawyers and paralegals, accountants, and business owners themselves," explained Sharad Mehta, Broker of Record at Tannenbaum & Aalok.
As a result, more and more real estate brokers are installing CLO systems, which allow them to offer the most up-to- date information possible, qualify buyers and originate mortgages.
Baird & Warner, the oldest and one of the largest independent real estate brokers in the country, and Handi-Ramp, a designer of accessibility products such as ramps and lifts, announce the creation of the "Home Access Program.
Two San Francisco Bay Area real estate brokers are facing allegations of fraudulently selling hundreds of acres of undeveloped Antelope Valley desert to thousands of U.
Our association (PAR), a longtime advocate of agency disclosure laws, was instrumental in the passage of amendments to the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act requiring the disclosure of a broker's interests to protect the consumer from any confusion as to whom the real estate broker represents," Stampahar stressed.

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