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A representation of numbers signifying different data sets. Graphs are vitally important in tracking past performance of economic data with the aim of predicting its future behavior. For example, a government agency may create a graph of unemployment claims over time. If claims have trended downward, the agency may predict that unemployment may remain low. Graphs are also crucial for technical analysts, who use them to track securities' performance to help make investment decisions. Graphs are also known as charts.


Data displayed in a diagrammatic manner, often to show relationships between different sets of numbers. Charts are used to observe the historical values of variables and, frequently, to spot trends that may provide insights for use in projecting future values. Also called graph. See also bar chart, candlestick chart, line chart, point-and-figure chart.
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Volunteers and hygienists ran back and forth reading charts, working on children and talking to parents.
This is ah important beginning for Orquesta Boriquen, who is not made up of pick-up musicians reading charts, but is nevertheless a band with long associations that now functions like family con cache y calor.
The first part is about knitting techniques, binding, seaming, blocking, reading charts, planning your own pattern, refinements in fitting and crochet-specific stitching.

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